Heritage Halls cafeteria Everyone needs to eat, so why make it hard? Students living in Heritage Halls aren’t properly represented when it comes to accessibility to the cafeteria near Helaman Halls. In order to accommodate all students living on campus, BYU needs to create a much closer cafeteria, like the Cannon Center, for those living […]

Finding happiness From a young age, the idea of college had always been enticing to me; something about living on my own, making fun memories, meeting new people and trying new things was so exciting. As I have spent more time on campus, I have noticed students at BYU are so focused on their studies […]

Protecting our students Many love Utah winters, with the crisp air and beautiful snow-capped mountains. While the snow is beautiful to look at and use for skiing or snowboarding, the precipitation is much less enjoyable to deal with for those having to walk up to campus on Freshman Hill. The ground becomes icy and there […]

BYU’s struggle with plastic waste management Plastic straws and utensils are plaguing the world as one-time-use products. They go directly to waste and are almost never recycled. One of the main reasons people use these one-time-use products is because they are often the only option we are presented with. The first time I got food […]