Men have feelings too  It is safe to bet that when you hear the word body positivity your first thought was of a woman – and that isn’t your fault. In society, men are often overlooked during conversations about body positivity and mental illness surrounding body image. The question is why? Body image is similar […]

Separating secularism from schools The movement for universal ideological acceptance has become strong. However, many Americans still fear beliefs different than their own. This has caused many public schools to adopt secularism in order to avoid offending anyone, closing the conversation between differing beliefs. Others see and recognize the inherent problem, hence Trump’s push for […]

A solution to year-long housing contracts Life as a BYU student can change so much within a year. With missions, marriage and families on the horizon, a single year can take many different and unexpected turns. Committing to a one-year housing contract, which the majority of off-campus BYU housing requires, has proved problematic for many […]

The benefits of living as an optimist As humans, our ultimate goal in life is to find that one thing or idea that brings us genuine and consistent happiness. Life’s unforeseen events can really put a dampener on our mood, but every single one of us is capable of taking control of our happiness. It […]