Wearing masks leads to freedom I tend to be more conservative than liberal about our freedom. It’s something that’s very important to me, and that’s why I support a mask mandate. I believe wearing masks will lead to greater freedom for the community, avoiding lots of difficult situations. There is a lot more to a […]

BYU needs to move online BYU is special in many ways, but it is not the exception in the dangerous reopening experiment universities nationwide are attempting at the expense of students, faculty and staff, and communities. A few weeks ago, BYU’s Instagram featured timely reports of schools forced to go online and vacate campus, pleading […]

On-campus childcare during COVID-19.

By Perla Escobar Leer en español: El punto de vista de un estudiante DACA de BYU Editor’s note: Perla Escobar is a DACA student from Tamaulipas, Mexico, who came to the U.S. when she was almost 10. She graduated from BYU with a bachelor’s degree in translation in 2019 and is currently working toward a […]