Objections to Martin Luther library display As the product of a Jesuit education, I am appalled by BYU’s Luther exhibit. Many accounts describe the man oft hailed as a hero as anti-reason, anti-Semitic, anti-nontrinitarian Christian and anti-lower class. He described reason as “the Devil’s greatest whore.” He called for the death of Jews, the burning […]

Reader responses: Towing the line in Provo A Provo towing company suing a BYU student for $500,000 dropped its case on June 26. University Parking Enforcement accused student Carl Prince of defamation for falsely saying on a GoFundMe page that “hundreds” of Provo residents had negatively reviewed UPE online. However, the first link on Prince’s […]

Bilingual education Bilingual education is a very unique opportunity that should be more freely offered to students. Bilingual education allows students to get out of their comfort zones and learn in a new and challenging environment. Not only will this help cross cultural and language barriers, but it will advance the education of those participating. […]

Transgender bathrooms I stood before two doors, each sporting placards embossed with transgender silhouettes. I knit my brows together. A decision had to be made — I really had to go. I chose the door on my right. To my surprise, the bathroom was exceptionally ordinary, containing a sink, toilet and wastepaper bin. Insatiably curious, […]