Technology use Today it takes considerable effort to have moments where we can just be still, moments where we can enjoy time with our family and moments where we can see the beauty that surrounds us. What are we doing with the time we have? Are we spending all our day engulfed in emails, tweets, […]

Distracted pedestrians Over the last decade, many advances in mobile devices have helped us be more productive in our day-to-day endeavors. However, the number of pedestrian injuries has increased by 15 percent in the same amount of time. Do the advances in technology have a direct correlation to the accidents happening on the road? Although […]

Social media Mickey Mouse, roller coasters, Dole Whips, and churros: these are the captivating classics I expected to hear about as I eagerly listened to my friend’s account of her recent trip to Disneyland. Quickly noticing her shallow tone, I asked why she wasn’t more excited about her vacation. Her response, “Oh, I just didn’t […]

Tipping servers Being a poor college student has its drawbacks. For the times that you do go out to eat in a fancy restaurant you have to think, “Am I willing to spend more money to give the server a decent tip?” The answer should always be yes. Tipping is a great way to thank […]