Spending time outdoors Lately (as I’m sure is the case with most people), I have been spending quite a bit of time indoors playing video games, binging shows and watching movies. With the hysteria that COVID-19 has produced worldwide, I fear that many people have fallen into my poor habits of staying indoors constantly doing […]

The Utah member I think everyone has heard a few of the slurs about the Utah members of the Church. On the mission it was “they’re from the factory.” In and outside of Utah it’s “Utah Mormons think they are SO righteous,” and “Utah Mormons are just really judgmental.” To be completely honest, we all […]

Media causes mayhem According to Abraham Lincoln, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Satan knows that and is trying so hard to divide us. So we should ask ourselves, “What is causing the division between people today?” There is one answer that stands out from among the rest: Media. Media “controls the minds of […]

BYU is and should be one of the greatest universities in the world. Developing faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and His gospel should be BYU’s top priority. However, the manner of how a grave miscommunication between our university and CES happened should bring everyone to a pause. While I am thankful clarification has been given, […]