Daily Universe Readers’ Forum for September 25 including a house editorial on mustaches.

NFL protests *published in light of recent Nike ad* The tweeting and kneeling by these multimillion dollar sports prima donnas is lazy, misguided inaction. NFL, NBA, whatever, they do not represent all of America or all of the black community. America isn’t the problem people are, individuals, and they are letting the bad ones hide […]

Global media coverage If you turn on any given news channel, you’re very likely to see some story about President Trump and his administration — either positive or negative. This intense attention has been almost constant since Trump first announced his candidacy. On the surface it seems to make sense that we, as a nation, […]

Objections to Martin Luther library display As the product of a Jesuit education, I am appalled by BYU’s Luther exhibit. Many accounts describe the man oft hailed as a hero as anti-reason, anti-Semitic, anti-nontrinitarian Christian and anti-lower class. He described reason as “the Devil’s greatest whore.” He called for the death of Jews, the burning […]