Side with genuine musicians In popular music today, cookie-cutter songs and artists are manufactured by huge record labels, designed to sell on a global scale. The problem with this is that the world is starved of the benefits meaningful music can have on our lives. The true purpose of music is to influence the listener […]

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who also knows the history, erasure and pain of my Indigenous ancestors, I find the continued admiration of Christopher Columbus difficult to reconcile with Church messages that condemn white supremacist attitudes.

The void of automated selflessness “Enter to Learn; Go Forth to Serve.” This is the vision proposed by Brigham Young University. Though honorable, this invitation implies a subtle disconnection between the academic and practical facets of learning. This disconnect is precisely what BYU’s Ballard Center attempts to remedy. Service is often viewed as an essential […]

Crabs in a Bucket: Issues with the 2020 Democratic Primary The theory of crabs in a bucket is simple: a bucket full of crabs does not need a lidbecause rather than helping each other escape (as they easily could), they will spend their entire time dragging each other down in an attempt to help themselves. […]