Restricted Access on Campus It was the first day of school, and students shuffled hastily into the classroom. I found myself engaged and actively participating in the class discussion. I looked up to observe my peers. Some were browsing the internet on their personal computers, scrolling through Instagram pictures on their cell phones, texting or […]

Requirements for religion professors Recently, I drew attention to the startlingly few female faculty members who teach in Religious Education here at BYU. Something that also should startle us about Religious Education is the degree that qualifies the professor to teach the subject. While many professors studied degrees relevant to the classes they teach such […]

Dress and grooming standards BYU holds its students to a high honor code, which is intended to promote respect of the students and the university. One of the rules in the Honor Code’s dress and grooming standards mandates that all clothing must go to the knee. This rule in the dress code is unnecessary, as […]

Immigrants and their effect on the United States This year, more than half a million people were apprehended and detained for attempting to cross the Mexican-American border and enter the United States illegally. Many of these undocumented people are trying to apply for citizenship and make a better life for their families, but the United […]