Hook-up culture Relationships between American boys and girls are broken. The idea that hooking up is easier than going on dates is affecting the way we portray love. It has become easier to have casual sexual relations, and this problem is leaving our generation unprepared for love. Hook-ups are non-committal. They fit easily into society’s superficial […]

Guilty Pleasures
Healthy on-campus meal options

Celebrities are more prone to certain mental illnesses because of the nature of their work and the pressure to be perfect in the eye of the public. With large amounts of time and money at their dispense, they often turn to drug abuse to relieve the stress of fame. Drug addiction has such a strong […]

Same-gender attraction I read the report describing a session at Women’s Conference titled “Understanding the LGBTQ and SSA Community: Included in Our Circle of Love.” I appreciate the work that presenters Blake Fisher and Deb Hutchins are doing here at BYU to help those who experience same-gender attraction and gender dysphoria feel more at peace […]