Should the COVID-19 vaccine be mandated? With around a million vaccines rolling out a day, discussions have arisen about whether this vaccine should be mandatory for all citizens to take before the country can reopen. Although it is clearly unconstitutional to enforce a nationwide vaccine mandate, there are still other ways in which we can […]

Technology during lunch Choices was one of the best restaurants in the BYU Cougareat. It offered nutritious food at an affordable price, and thanks to the friendly staff, the purchasing process was a pleasant prelude to a delicious meal. Sadly, something has gone terribly awry. As is true in many areas of modern life, technology […]

Love one another A weather-worn flyer was taped on a lamppost near the Joseph Smith Building. Now torn down, it asked this question: “What does queer mean to you?” A response was scribbled underneath: “Someone too selfish to accept God’s plan in their life. Someone that must repent and humble themselves before Heavenly Father.” I […]

With the age of digital technology, and as more schools are switching to online classes, the new era of online school is affecting how students study and prepare for tests. Due to the lack of in-person classes and supervision, many students turn to cheating. Just think, all those students who would sit in class wanting […]