We live in the post parenthetical era of digitality. We rely on each other to communicate and connect. In fact, it has become absolutely necessary to communicate with other human beings to make it through the day. Today, teens have become oft too reliant on the realm of texting. Have we forgotten the importance to […]

You’re in the library plugging away at a religion paper due at midnight. Someone cute walks up and hands you a note with their number on it. You wait the required several days before reaching out (you wouldn’t want to seem overeager). Finally, you go to send them a message only to realize that their […]

General Conference weekend I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; I’m also a steadfast student who savors learning and doing well in school. Twice a year, we have General Conference, where we hear from Church leaders for guidance and reassurance. These conferences are all weekend long — six hours on […]

Human trafficking Amid a shifting political landscape and global pandemic, media and the general public are paying less and less attention to victims who are being forced or fraudulently coerced into labor or commercial sex acts. Although human trafficking may not seem like a big issue because of its inherent secrecy, we must treat it like the catastrophic issue that […]