We don’t know what 2020 will bring, but we can thank BYU for what it has done for us in 2019.

It is so easy to pull out a phone and get onto one of many apps that will cover the clamor in our heads, but the advantages that come from this are only temporary.

Sister Reyna I. Aburto second counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, spoke candidly about mental illness and suicide in her women’s session address Saturday evening. The BYU community would do well to follow her example. BYU students suffer from chronic perfectionism which often leads to serious anxiety or depression. The demand for therapists at […]

Though being a successful student is of utmost importance, college is also meant to be enjoyable. Go to a sporting event, get involved with a club, take a class to learn a new instrument, or if you love traveling, look into a study abroad.