Protesting is a right. Rioting is a crime. When protesting turns into rioting, it’s harmful and goes against the whole purpose of what’s originally intended.

Why don’t we take the opinions and needs of players into account not only on the issues of police brutality and racism but also a deadly pandemic?

Videos of police brutality, messages of pain and calls for justice left me overwhelmed anddiscouraged while scrolling my social media feeds this week. I was about to close my apps, give myself a long break from thinking about protests or police reform, when I understood — this is white privilege. I can choose to look […]

This past week was full of learning for me. As someone whose job is centered on opinions within the media, I consumed many different perspectives on the prevalent and continuous issue of racism in our society. #BlackOutTuesday may have been seen as performative and useless to some. But to me, it taught a big lesson […]