Reader responses: Towing the line in Provo A Provo towing company suing a BYU student for $500,000 dropped its case on June 26. University Parking Enforcement accused student Carl Prince of defamation for falsely saying on a GoFundMe page that “hundreds” of Provo residents had negatively reviewed UPE online. However, the first link on Prince’s […]

BYU is leaving $60 parking tickets on the windshields of faculty and staff members’ vehicles. In many cases the problem isn’t the car as much as the driver having to remember to update the university’s parking app. The Daily Universe newsroom applauds the desire to make parking more equitable, but the intricacies of the policy […]

Bilingual education Bilingual education is a very unique opportunity that should be more freely offered to students. Bilingual education allows students to get out of their comfort zones and learn in a new and challenging environment. Not only will this help cross cultural and language barriers, but it will advance the education of those participating. […]

Transgender bathrooms I stood before two doors, each sporting placards embossed with transgender silhouettes. I knit my brows together. A decision had to be made — I really had to go. I chose the door on my right. To my surprise, the bathroom was exceptionally ordinary, containing a sink, toilet and wastepaper bin. Insatiably curious, […]