Top headlines: Protests in Pakistan delay release of Christian woman; In migrant caravan, kids and parents struggle with long trek; US adds robust 250,000 jobs; pay growth fastest since 2009

ISLAMABAD (AP) — The release of a Christian woman in Pakistan, acquitted eight years after being sentenced to death for blasphemy, was apparently delayed Friday after talks failed between the government and radical Islamists who want her publicly hanged. Islamists held rallies Friday across Pakistan against freedom for Asia Bibi and to denounce Wednesday’s Supreme […]

Being a minority leads to challenges in and of itself, but leaving home to come to another country adds its own unique set of difficulties. Several students at BYU have felt these hardships, overcome them and excelled as they have come to study in the U.S.

Top headlines: Pittsburgh funerals continue after Trump visit and protests; Pipe bomb suspect searched targets, photos online; Trump stokes pre-election fear of immigrants to drive voters