Lan Weiwei’s path to becoming a professional musician began with a broken leg.

The BYU Singers and Concert Choir teamed up to host a free concert of sacred music on Wednesday.

BYU Police Chief Chris Autry’s office windowsill is covered in coins. Not monetary coins; rather, they’re “challenge coins,” which Autry said agencies such as police departs and military units exchange as signs of appreciation and respect. However, Autry likely wasn’t planning on one particular challenge when he became BYU’s new police chief in January: a Feb. 20 letter […]

Provo statues line the streets as memorials to the city’s rich history. While some embody individuals or institutions that did something for the community, many of the statues garner a closer look. The symbolism expressed in these immortalized figures offer passerbys a glimpse into the values that shape the Provo community.