Senate Joint Resolution No. 1 might not appear different from other government documents, but it marked a momentous political victory for Utah women. This Resolution signified Utah’s official ratification of the 19th Amendment — the amendment that secured U.S. women the right to vote.

If you’re a starving student or just looking to save a quick buck, a revamped app offers great deals for food. As Newsline reporter Halston Brown explains, the app will have you saving money without even trying.

PROVO — Sesame Street has brought back a character that has been seen once before! This puppet is Karli, whose mother is suffering from a drug addiction. Karli has already been introduced as a puppet in foster care, but viewers will now understand why her mother had to go away for awhile.  The new initiative […]

People say that patience is a virtue, but how long are BYU students actually willing to wait? Newsline reporter Juliet Favero has the answer.