Republicans on BYU campus are anticipatory for the presidential election on Nov. 3.; some optimistic and some doubtful of President Donald Trump’s reelection.

About 40 people gathered to protest the district attorney’s decision to not prosecute the officer in charge of Lauren McCluskey’s case.   “We have to knock on doors to find a candidate who is going to get Sim Gill out of office because we cannot continue another term of this,” said Devon Cantwell, an organizer for UnsafeU. The officer allegedly […]

Utah domestic violence numbers are higher than the national average.  The month of October is dedicated to bringing awareness to domestic violence. If you ever have a loved one show you their palm with their thumb bent in front, and then close their fingers on top of their thumb, it’s a cry for help. These […]

SLATE CANYON — Recently, my roommate tested positive for COVID-19. This means that now, I am in quarantine. But I am not a person who does well staying inside for long periods of time, so I have decided to go on multiple long hikes all by myself. The question is, though, is that safe? And […]