Kristine Silvester

Co-owner and co-manager of Honest-1 Auto Care

Kristine Silvester has memories from her childhood working with her dad in the garage. Being in that environment stuck with her and remained when she married Bob, who, along with their five sons, loved cars. Cars “was just a theme” in their lives.

After years in the travel agency business, Kristine and Bob finally turned this theme into a business in 2010, now co-owning and co-managing Provo’s Honest-1 Auto Care and recruiting one of their sons, Trevor, as the service manager.

From left: Trever Silvester and his parents, Kristine and Bob Silvester, stand outside their Honest-1 Auto Care garage in Provo. (Ty Mullen)

Kristine’s initiative to get things done has shaped her into the businesswoman she is today. “If you want to be successful, you have to figure out how to make things happen,” she said.

When asked about what it’s like working in a male-dominant industry, Kristine said it’s “natural” for her. However, occasionally people ask her what she is doing in the mechanics business.

Kristine loves teaching others, filling their needs and using her perspective and skills to bring a different element to the mechanics’ industry.

“You teach people about their vehicles … so that they can make a decision,” Kristine said.

The auto-mechanics’ industry can get a bad rap, according to Kristine, because most people only talk about their negative experiences. However, Kristine enjoys providing positive experiences at her shop.

Kristine said having a woman at the front counter also helps people feel less pressured in solving car their problems. Kristine explains things to her customers so they understand how to best approach their car maintenance.

When the business started up, Kristine said her family would bring work home with them. After the business got off the ground, they could leave work at the garage. Working with her family is a challenging yet fun addition to her work life, providing more opportunities for family time.

Kristine said she and her husband want the business to be successful, but with a “family-involved business,” their main goal is family.

Kristine said her husband has been “very supportive” of her goals as a businesswoman.

“She started in doing a lot of the books,” Bob said. “It kind of morphed into more full time in the operation of the shop. I really wanted her involved.”

Ty Mullen

Kristine Silvester is the co-owner and co-manager of Honest-1 Auto Care in Provo. She said her attention to detail and desire to create positive experiences helps set her apart as a businesswoman in her field. (Ty Mullen)

Kristine’s day consists of making appointments, collecting technicians’ notes, ordering parts, writing quotes, contacting customers, doing the payroll, among others.

Kristine said many things go into running a business, but if the desire is there, the opportunities are there.

“If you want something, make it happen. Figure out what you need to do, get the training, get the knowledge,” she said. “The opportunities are out there.”