A podcast series reexamining the assumed, controversial, and trending.
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This series puts aside anecdotal evidence, emotionally charged reasoning, and complacency with perceived “certainty” to explore controversial scientific topics through conversations with the actual experts. Throughout the series, we will attempt to counter pseudoscientific reasoning and eliminate—at least in our little corner of the world— misconceptions about topics such as climate change, diet culture, pornography, positive psychology, and even adulthood.

Media: Friend or Foe?

“I felt like I had blood on my hands,” said Ron Harris.

In 2001, Harris published research purporting an earthquake along the Indian Ocean was long overdue; in 2004, that 9.8 magnitude earthquake occurred, killing upwards of 230,000 people. After that day, Harris set his heart on communicating research in life-changing ways that other scientists rarely do.

But, Harris still has some qualms with science coverage in the media.

Special thanks to Mitch Rogers for allowing us to use the audio recording of his interview with Ron Harris.

Voodoo Science by Robert Park
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The Reformed Lazy Skeptic

Barry Bickmore used to consider himself a “lazy skeptic” when it came to climate change; now, he runs a blog called Climate Asylum” where he goes through the illogical, pseudoscientific ways people “avoid the truth about climate change.”

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“I Won Today”

A man goes to Facebook with a personal, controversial struggle; Dr. Brian Willoughby talks the pitfalls of catastrophizing pornography use.

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Turning Diet Culture on Its Head

Health and fitness coaches hope to turn diet culture on its head by advocating a new approach towards eating.

Walk, Don’t Run

Dr. Jared Warren lays out the science behind mindfulness and why this little thing called Hedonic Adaptation can keep us from being happy.

Kylie “Napua” Carver
The How of Happiness Sonya Lyumborsky
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Mindfulness in Action

Adam Hartshorn describes his mindful practice when jumping off buildings and over gaps — i.e. parkour.

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Bonus: Am I an Adult Yet?

Two emerging adults (i.e. the hosts of the show, Jessica Grimaud and Cheyenne Costa) discuss the science behind the shifting definition of adulthood. The podcast also delves into the unique culture of young adult Mormons and culture’s shifting views on marriage.

Emerging Adulthood: The Winding Road from the Late Teens Through the Twenties, Edition 2 by Jeff Arnett
Nelson, L. J. (2003).  Rites of passage in emerging adulthood: Perspectives of young Mormons. In J. Arnett & N. Galambos (Eds.), New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development: Cultural Conceptions of the Transition to Adulthood, 100, 33-49.
Nelson, L. J.,& Barry, C. M. (2005).  Distinguishing features of emerging adulthood: The role of self-classification as an adult.Journal of Adolescent Research, 20, 242-262.
Esther Perel, Interview on Note to Self podcast “Ghosting, Simmering and Icing”
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Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden) by  Kubbi
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