Three BYU graduates are changing how the world thinks about enjoying a traditional fireworks show on the Fourth of July through their local startup, Seek, an up-and-coming technology called augmented reality (AR). The founders of Seek have made it possible for any person to create his or her own fireworks show and choreograph it to […]

The world is changing. As technology marches forward, everything from the simplest actions to the most advanced processes is becoming electronic, instantaneous and mobile — namely, banking.

Utah’s unique position of being a state with two major newspapers in one city was highlighted June 8 at Silicon Slopes’ Town Hall June meet up. The panelists were all editors of their respective news organization; Jennifer Napier-Pearce of The Salt Lake Tribune, Doug Wilks of Deseret News and Julia Ritchey of radio station KUER 90.1.

Read or listen to a Portuguese translation SALT LAKE CITY — Already behind the national average, Utah’s number of women holding business leadership positions slips five percentage points in a new 2018 study. Despite the discouraging loss, experts say headway is being made. Promising changes are happening within companies to transform a traditionally masculine work […]