The new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max are available for pre-order, but some are uncertain if it is worth it.

First in a series. Editor’s note: The Daily Universe is examining details of internships since BYU emphasizes and encourages experiential learning through opportunities such as internships. NASA astronaut Sunita Williams has spent 321 days, 17 hours and 15 minutes in outer space. On April 12, Williams attended the 2019 Rover Challenge at the Marshall Space […]

In 1964, Stanley Kubrick, on the recommendation of the science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, bought a telescope. “He got this Questar and he attached one of his cameras to it,” remembers Katharina Kubrick, the filmmaker’s stepdaughter. “On a night where there was a lunar eclipse, he dragged us all out onto the balcony and we […]

The majority of U.S. children spend significantly more time in front of screens than recommended, incurring potentially negative effects on their development, relationships and behavior, along with long-term side effects that are still unknown.