Lights flooded the stage. Cheers and whistles echoed throughout the Marriott Center. The loud tap and boom of silver gleaming drums reverberated through the chests of thousands as the blue and white clad BYU marching band heralded in homecoming week during the opening ceremony on Oct. 15.

Ray Smith’s Jazz Quintet performed with guest BYU Alumni and jazz singer Jack Wood Saturday, Oct. 12 at Third Space Studios in Provo. The group performed freestyle jazz and classics such as “Come Fly with Me”, “Witchcraft”, and “It Had to be You”.

Young performing missionaries volunteer to serve in Nauvoo where they share the gospel through performance. There will be an informational fireside on Oct. 13 for those who want to perform with the group next summer. Young performing missionaries focus on teaching the restoration with an emphasis on performing through dancing and singing. The program directors, […]

Members of the local band Suit Up, Soldier, one a BYU student, are working to balance their busy lives as the band gains greater popularity. Band members say it can be tough, but they are driven by their love of music.