The HBLL is featuring an art exhibit called Pro Tempore which in Latin means “for the time being.” Three local artists combine artworks to explore the feelings of isolation and separation that everyone experiences in some way or another in life.

Fernando Gomez señala con el dedo una foto antigua en blanco y negro que contiene un grupo de personas con George Albert Smith. La foto fue tomada en 1946 en la Ciudad de México. Gomez señala un niño en la primera fila de la foto. “Ese soy yo,” dice. La foto está en el Museo de […]

Read a Spanish translation of the article here. Fernando Gomez points to an old black-and-white photo of a group of people with George Albert Smith, taken in 1946 in Mexico City. He points to a boy in the front row.“That’s me,” he says. The photo can be found in the Museum of Mormon History of the […]

If a Utah congressman gets his way, the state will gain a “national historic park” at what is now known as the Golden Spike National Historic Site. To commemorate the significance of the first transcontinental railroad, Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, wants to re-designate the historic location in northern Utah where the “wedding of the rails” […]