BYU hosted a preliminary screening for Jane and Emma on Sept. 14 in the Varsity Theater. The showing was followed by a panel discussion on the film with director Chantelle Squires and members of the BYU Black Student Union club.

  The much-anticipated movie “Mission: Impossible — Fallout” was released in July. MoviePass users Kirsten Card and her husband, Ben, rushed to the theater to see what would unfold for Tom Cruise as he embraced his next thrilling mission. However, they found their own mission impossible as they tried to enter the theater. “They blocked […]

Provo company VidAngel is taking a new approach to TV. Its newest show, “The Chosen,” has raised over $4 million through crowdfunded investing, putting it in the top crowd-funded film and television projects of all time.

Pointing a camera at someone and then having the camera follow that person around seems obvious in today’s highly automated world, but no such product existed.