LaVell Edwards Stadium Farmers Market, run by BYU Dining Services, offers a stage to aspiring musicians and a friendly environment for small local businesses. Each Thursday performers play from 3 to 7 p.m. while students, staff, and visitors admire art, sample fresh produce and shop homemade creations. Accompanied by her guitar and Peruvian box drum called […]

A team of food science majors from BYU walked away with the $10,000 grand prize at a dairy product development competition on Aug. 11 by creating a carbonated ice cream. The team’s carbonated hard-pack ice cream, Sparkling Scoops, blends the experience of eating ice cream with drinking soda. Sparkling Scoops’ flavor and packaging impressed the […]

BYU students raised their glasses to a new chocolate milk flavor in celebration of 21 consecutive years being “Stone Cold Sober” on Sept. 7.

BYU continues to distance itself from the old ban on caffeine with the introduction of Coca-Cola Freestyle machines on campus. The recently installed Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in the Cougareat offer a larger variety of drink options, including more caffeinated sodas, and revolutionize the way consumers customize their soda using technology. “This is the highest tech […]