BYU continues to distance itself from the old ban on caffeine with the introduction of Coca-Cola Freestyle machines on campus. The recently installed Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in the Cougareat offer a larger variety of drink options, including more caffeinated sodas, and revolutionize the way consumers customize their soda using technology. “This is the highest tech […]

Millennials are more likely to use technology when they cook, and BYU students follow the trend. This familiarity with technology is driving the way young adults cook, because the answers to their questions, or an exciting recipe, are just a click away.

Over the last couple years, the farm to table trend has been booming in the culinary world. Two local restaurants bring the farm to table trend to Provo by highlighting fresh ingredients and strong ties to community.

A familiar scene to American religious worshipers is a large church gathering with happy parishioners socializing, chasing children and almost undoubtedly eating copious amounts of food from a well-laden potluck table. Multiple studies now suggest that this focus on food is having a negative impact on the waistlines of religious people across the U.S.