Small, local bookstores have been said to be in danger of dying over the last decade. Articles in major media and research journals have warned that e-books are taking over the literary world and bringing an end to the reading of hard-copy books. But some think hard-copy books aren’t going away any time soon.

BYU professor and newly-published author Spencer Hyde has loved reading since a very young age. But it wasn’t until he became a graduate student that he decided he wanted to write and publish a novel. Every day after class, he said he would spend two hours “in very uncomfortable chairs” writing his debut novel, “Waiting for Fitz.”

Jo Schaffer is a writer, speaker, marketing specialist, social media manager and publicist who is also finishing up her final semester studying public relations at BYU.

New York Times best-selling author and BYU alumna Kiersten White recently published the novel “The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein.”