The BYU Store is getting a facelift this year as renovations are being made  — in phases  — to the entire main level, scheduled to finish by April 2019. The first major renovation is hard to miss. On the west side of the store, near the Twilight Zone, is a wooden tunnel blocking off where […]

Orson Scott Card, a science fiction writer who has won numerous awards over his 40-year career, was the final keynote speaker at the LDS Publishing and Media Association’s fourth annual conference at BYU on Nov. 3. His presentation highlighted how his relationship with his faith in his work has evolved throughout his career.

BYU alumna Tara Westover is the author of New York Times Best Seller “Educated: A Memoir.” “Educated” is about Westover’s unique childhood growing up in a survivalist family and her pursuit to leave home and gain what had always been kept out of her reach — an education.

Two BYU alumni looked back on their own college experience to create the guidebook Acing BYU, which helps students know what opportunities are available to them.