Jane Austen fans in fancy hats and dresses gathered at the Provo City Library ballroom for the library’s first-ever Regency Tea Party held Saturday, Oct. 26. Guests also listened to a panel of four local Regency authors during the tea party.

BYU alumna Erin Stewart released her book “Scars Like Wings,” a story inspired by burn victims and their struggles and triumphs.

Small, local bookstores have been said to be in danger of dying over the last decade. Articles in major media and research journals have warned that e-books are taking over the literary world and bringing an end to the reading of hard-copy books. But some think hard-copy books aren’t going away any time soon.

BYU professor and newly-published author Spencer Hyde has loved reading since a very young age. But it wasn’t until he became a graduate student that he decided he wanted to write and publish a novel. Every day after class, he said he would spend two hours “in very uncomfortable chairs” writing his debut novel, “Waiting for Fitz.”