A preview of this year’s America’s Freedom Festival in Provo. New this year is a nighttime hot air balloon light show, a colonial era wedding and performances from Keith Urban and Chuck Norris.

Summer is finally here, and events across Utah County are here to help you celebrate. Here are 14 of Utah County’s biggest events for you to attend this summer.

Ghosts, local folklore, the power of thoughts and the human experience. Danny B. Stewart, creator of The Original Provo Utah Ghost Tour, has spent his life studying and analyzing these topics and will be presenting his findings at Pioneer Book.

McArthur Krishna said she is both astounded and humbled by the wisdom women in her life have shared with her. Her colorful textile art exhibit, “Heavenly Mother and the Wise Women,” features 54 beaded and embroidered textiles, 53 of which represent wise women in Krishna’s life and the wisdom they’ve shared with her, and one of which represents Heavenly Mother.