BYU’s Theatre Ballet Company, International Folk Dance Ensemble and Philharmonic Orchestra will come together to perform Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet Swan Lake from Jan. 23-25.

BYU student and artist Emmalee Powell has combated the idea that Jesus is unreachable by battling through her desire to create the “perfect” image of Christ by producing over 340 abstract paintings of him instead.

Performers are constantly trying to better their skills through hard work and dedication. Hours of practice, training and memorization eventually turn into live productions aimed at impressing audiences. Actors, dancers and singers work incredibly hard to make their characters and personalities come to life.

Enoch Lui and Teiano Lesa are celebrating and sharing their Polynesian heritage with the whole city of Provo. The two BYU advertising students painted a 15 by 30 feet mural by Getout Games, incorporating symbols from Samoan and Tongan cultures.