In this podcast, Universe Contributor Jacob Gibb introduces his audience to what it’s like going vegan or vegetarian. “Three years ago, (my sister) Anna surprised my whole family by announcing that she was going to go vegetarian,” said audio correspondent Jacob Gibb. She decided to quit meat after learning about how animals are treated in the […]

RV’s are in high demand across the state as Utahns discover new ways to get out of town without using airports and hotels.

International study abroad programs for Summer term 2021 have been cancelled.

In this podcast, Universe Contributor Matt Fales speaks with a number of writers and experts about what family-friendly media is and what its future holds.  “We don’t want [our media] to be specifically for kids or YA or for tweens. We want it to be more co-viewing. It has something for kids, something for teens, and […]