BYU student sees diversity as the unique makeup of each individual

BYU student Kyrie Papenfuss sees people as diverse, not because of ethnicity alone, but more because of the diverse makeup of each individual.

Diversity advocate hopes to heal hearts, build Zion at BYU

Giddins signed with a manager, performed for a year in Los Angeles, and received an invitation to go to New York. Her friend Leah Key-Ketter said she could have gone on to do anything, but Giddins chose to pursue what she believed God wanted her to do.

Instagram page shows BYU students they’re not alone

Humans of BYU is an Instagram page created by alumna Hannah Larson in the spirit of of helping people connect and love one other.

Provo Council Chair finds everyone’s a critic in politics and academia

Provo City Council Chair George Handley said he had experience dealing with criticism before joining the city council. Handley, a BYU professor of interdisciplinary humanities since 1998, was elected to the city council in 2017.
Debi Wilcox

From teacher to Church leader: Called to Young Men presidency during...

Religion professor Brad Wilcox's life was altered in a way that few others can compare to. He went from being a religion professor to a general authority with a single phone call.
Hayley Pierce

Breaking barriers: BYU professor shows women they can have it all

The majority of the faculty at BYU are male. According to Media Relations Manager Todd Hollingshead, just 34% of full-time and part-time faculty at the university are female. BYU sociology professor Hayley Pierce serves as a role model for young women who want to have it all in this environment.