Tweet Beat 5/17/21

I feel bad that I'm so happy about how few students are living in Provo this summer, but you have to admit the parking situation is optimal right now.

Tweet Beat 5/10/21

The other day I saw someone driving on University Avenue with their foot out the window, and I've never feared Provo drivers more than I did in that moment.

Tweet Beat 5/3/21

I really did not anticipate struggling to remember to feed myself three times a day, but I guess adulthood is harder than I thought it was going to be.

Tweet Beat: 4/27/21

I thought my stress levels would go down when finals ended, but I guess I'm just doomed to be in a state of panic for the rest of my life.

Tweet Beat: 4/20/21

Provo can't seem to decide what season it is, but I'm still unsure of my major so I can relate.

Tweet Beat: 4/13/21

Time to start using the "what if" calculator.
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