Tweet Beat 6/28/21

I passed a flock of EFY children on campus, and I've never felt more ancient.

Tweet Beat 6/21/21

Someone complimented my driving this week and I'm just going to be riding that high for the rest of my life, thank you very much.

Tweet Beat: 6/14/21

I drove to South Jordan this week just to get some chicken from Raising Cane's. It's shaping up to be a good summer, guys.

Tweet Beat 6/7/21

Trying to go enjoy quiet time in nature on a Sunday in Utah is impossible because every other household in the state has the exact same idea.

Tweet Beat: 5/31/21

I'm trying to plan in-person classes to take this fall but that means I have to mentally prepare to start actually getting ready for the day again.

Tweet Beat: 5/24/21

This week I saw a woman shopping at the Smith's in Provo wearing a huge blanket around her shoulders. I now aspire to that level of comfort.
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