Narrative stories from our capstone journalism class.

BYU grad hosts virtual boxing tournament to raise money for Sub...

BYU grad and business owner Hunter Goodall decided to give back this season by hosting a virtual reality boxing tournament where all the proceeds will go to Sub for Santa.

Fantasy theme park hopes to be source of artistry for BYU

The staff of Evermore hopes the park will become a source of artistry for BYU students by eventually opening internships that draw from BYU's drama, art and makeup departments.

BYU students develop businesses to improve lives, save money

The Social Venture Academy, hosted by the Ballard Center in the Marriott School of Business, encourages and guides students to start socially-minded businesses. SignGlasses and Trash Talk are two businesses that have reached the status of Best Venture within the academy.

New virtual reality headset provides immersive academic experience

The Harold B. Lee Library has a virtual reality headset that students and faculty can use in order to promote and enhance immersive, collaborative learning.

Utah charging up for Tesla

According to Amigo Energy, the Tesla Model X is the most popular electric vehicle in Utah. To see what all the buzz is about, I test-drove the Model X over Memorial Day weekend and came away with a clear idea of where automobiles are going. From my perspective, electric vehicles have a chance to spark some life into an oil-dominated industry.

Culture can make healing difficult for LDS sexual assault survivors

Emma, an LDS sexual assault survivor, feels there is an issue within the Church community — a cultural perspective that results in sexual assault victims feeling dirty, isolated and incapable of ever again becoming whole.