Fight over gunman’s locked iPhone could have big impact

An extraordinary legal fight is brewing with major privacy implications for millions of cellphone users after a federal magistrate ordered Apple Inc. to help the FBI hack into an iPhone used by the gunman in the San Bernardino mass shootings.

Pope on Trump: Anyone who wants border walls isn’t Christian

Pope Francis said Thursday that Donald Trump is "not Christian" if he wants to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border. Trump immediately fired back, saying it is disgraceful for a religious leader to question a person's faith.

Survey shows digital political news is trending among millennials

Long gone are the days when bulky and ink laden papers or 10 o'clock news broadcasts were the primary sources of news and information. With the emergence of the digital age, the populace is now opting to convenience themselves to whatever information they want, wherever they want it.

College students not exempt from food insecurity

Some BYU students are among the 48.1 million Americans who live in food-insecure households, including 32.8 million adults and 15.3 million children according to

Eagles of Death Metal performs in Paris for attack survivors

California rock band Eagles of Death Metal performed Tuesday at a highly charged Paris concert filled with fans who survived a terrifying massacre and siege at their last Paris show — and filled with memories of those who didn't.

Salt Lake City Mardi Bra drive provides ‘extra support’ for feminine hygiene priorities

Mardi Gra may have have happened on Feb. 9th, but Mardi Bra will be happening for at least three months.
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