Trump notches another win as Rubio bids to elbow past Cruz

Notching three in a row, Donald Trump decisively won Nevada's Republican caucuses Tuesday as Marco Rubio bid to elbow out Ted Cruz for second place in an increasingly urgent effort to slam the brakes on the Trump juggernaut.

Polygamous sect leaders facing food stamp fraud charges

Investigators say they noticed something strange when they began tracking food stamp transactions coming out of two small convenience stores in a polygamous community on the Arizona-Utah border.

Douglas M. Johnson addresses students on defusing religious extremism

Douglas M. Johnson, founder and president of the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy, addressed a full hall at the Hinckley Center on Tuesday, as the first speaker of the Wheatley International Affairs Conference.

Provo State of the City reaches record attendance through social media

Provo Mayor John Curtis delivered his sixth annual State of the City address solely via social media on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

BYU explained by Donald, Hilz and the Bern

BYU's quirks and charms, all explained by current notorious political candidates.

US: N. Korea offered peace talks with US, bailed over nukes

The White House said Monday that North Korea sought to discuss a peace treaty but bailed after the U.S. insisted denuclearization be part of the discussions.
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