Out-of-state students can still vote without registering in Utah

Many BYU students come to Provo from out of state. They often bring with them a pride for their home state and a desire to move away after graduation. This can be a problem when it comes to election time.Only those people registered to vote can participate in the elections. Many students don't register in Utah because they don't plan on staying here after they finish school. Without going through the process of registering to vote in Utah, some students think they are disqualified from voting.

New scouting leadership complex named after President Monson

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) broke ground for a new leadership complex named after President Thomas S. Monson on Wednesday, Jun. 15.

Boy snatched by gator is presumed dead; Disney beaches close

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Walt Disney World closed beaches at its Florida resorts Wednesday while dozens of rescuers searched a lagoon for a 2-year-old boy who was presumed dead after being snatched off the shore and dragged underwater by an alligator.

Permanent lighting a new Y Mountain feature

One of Provo's most recognizable symbols is getting a face lift.The Y on the mountain overlooking BYU campus is undergoing some renovations over the next few weeks, as workers add permanent lighting to the outline of the block letter. Changes are expected to make lighting the Y during special campus events much easier according to BYU spokesman Todd Hollingshead.

UDOT reports more than 600 vehicle collisions around BYU campus since 2013

Nearly 700 vehicle collisions have occurred on roads surrounding the BYU campus in the last three years. Data from the Utah Department of Transportation’s Crash Mapping website reveals that over 400 of these collisions happened on University Avenue between 800 North and University Parkway.

Provo LGBT community honors Orlando victims

Members of the LGBT community gathered at Provo’s Memorial Park on Monday to honor the victims of Sunday’s shooting in Orlando. Grieving community members came together to remember those lost and provide comfort and support to one another.Utah Pride Center conducted a similar vigil in Salt Lake City in tandem with the Provo vigil.
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