International Space Station makes 100,000th orbit of Earth

One-hundred-thousand laps around Earth, and the International Space Station is still sailing right along.

Security clearance background checks to include social media

WASHINGTON (AP) — Investigators can now probe Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites as a part of background checks for security clearances —...

Safe hiking for the college adventurer

The bright sun beats down as the group rounds the final, jagged bend. The air is warm but fresh, smelling of crisp leaves. A light...

Provo City officials promote biking to work

Provo's 16th annual Bike to Work Day kicked off National Bike Month on Wednesday, May 11. The city offered free breakfast for riders, bicycle tune-ups and bike registration stations. The newly expanded Bike to Work Day represents the growth and progress of Provo.

State leaders express concern over national monument

Utah state legislators will meet for a special session on Wednesday, May 18 to discuss opposition for a proposed national monument and the restoration...

Terrorist simulation helps UTA prepare for the worst

UTA held a terrorist simulation at the Provo and Murray front runner stations Wednesday, May 11. The drill included a fake detonated bomb with debris and actors staged as passengers, scattered in an array of confusion and chaos along the floor of the train car. Police, fire, EMT and FBI were on the scene to practice removing victims from the mimicked danger.
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