Designer babies: Rogue science or future option?

In the early 2000s, genome editing seemed like it was too far off in the future — a science-fiction-inspired solution to real-world problems — but today the conversation among scientists has changed from "it's impossible" to "should it be possible?"

BYU researches where religious OCD is activated in the brain

Kawika Allen is an assistant psychology professor and a scrupulosity researcher at BYU. He has conducted studies exploring scrupulosity in relation to legalism (the notion one has to earn God’s love to be worthy), family perfectionism and well-being among Latter-day Saints.

SB70: Provo senator’s bill would allow nurses to pronounce a person...

SB70 provides the opportunity for a nurse to be able to pronounce death under certain circumstances. The bill proposed by Sen. Keith Grover, R-Utah, would make it so that the physicians are still certifying that death within 24 hours after having been pronounced, but a nurse would be able to make that determination as well as time of death.

SJR1: Resolution would pave way for grant to improve communication about...

A Utah Legislature joint resolution aims to improve communication between physicians and health care workers about older Utahns as they transition from...
Jaren Wilkey/BYU

BYU researchers contribute in looking for Alzheimer’s cure

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