A Day in the Life

BYU student invents light-up toilet for nighttime use

BYU student and entrepreneur Matt Alexander made going to the bathroom at 2 a.m. a more pleasant experience for those who hate being woken up by bright lights.

Library ‘protester’ wins favorite bench back

Minutes after the library administrators read through the weekly newspaper, they took immediate action to return student Sydney K. Powell's beloved bench to its rightful spot.

Student protests removal of HBLL bench

Everyday BYU student Sydney Powell sits on the floor in the north entrance of the Harold B. Lee Library in protest to get herself a bench.

Photo essay: inside BYU Police Department

Meet some of BYU's finest and see the challenges of police work through this look inside the BYU Police Department.

Listening through sight with American Sign Language

American Sign Language isn't always used within deaf communities, but many deaf individuals find beauty and value in the simplified visual language.
Greg Porter

Multi-millionaire and former BYU student teaches perseverance

From a psychology major at BYU to a leading director of management over his Apple-aquired software company PowerSchool, Greg Porter dared to be different, relying on a combination of classroom education and real-world application to map out his career.