New DNA blood test detects antibiotic resistant bacteria in an hour

Four BYU professors created a new test that detects antibiotic resistant bacteria in the blood to help people with blood diseases find treatment sooner.

BYU students plan to move home, some to stay after Thanksgiving

BYU announced in June that all classes would be remote after Thanksgiving and students would be encouraged to move home to finish the semester.

Online classes takeover, but tuition stays the same

Professors and students navigate online classes and a new learning environment. Students also speak about tuition being the same, despite not having the usual college experience.

BYU fans participate in virtual Cougar Walk

Cougar fans continue the cougar walk tradition virtually.

3 tips to make Zoom feel like the classroom

Tips from BYU students on how to have a more engaging experience in Zoom classes.

Utah congressman takes action to stop future nuclear weapons testing in U.S.

In April 1952, a huge puff of smoke, known as the mushroom top, came out of a nuclear test explosion in Nevada.
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