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BYU students escape loneliness, boredom of quarantine through podcasts

Podcasts are helping people stay connected during social isolation. As people are forced to stay at home and avoid most social...

The Next Normal: Will the move to remote work become permanent?

Businesses have had to make a lot of changes in respone to COVID-19, but some of those changes may last longer than the pandemic. Business experts shared their thoughts about how some jobs might permanently change.

The Next Normal: Hiring processes becoming more convenient, casual

Companies looking for new employees have been forced to conduct much of the hiring process virtually, requiring hiring managers and potential candidates to adapt.

BYU grad creates popular Instagram account of ‘Come, Follow Me’ insights

When BYU grad Mary Stallings started as a small Instagram account to share spiritual thoughts, she had no idea the account would quickly grow to reach tens of thousands of people.

BYU students stream-time increases on Netflix, other streaming services

Some businesses have suffered, losing customers and revenue during the pandemic, but the streaming service industry has seen an increase in subscriptions.

Utah companies rethink paid paternity leave

In the absence of paternity leave laws, Utahns are subject to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act which affords qualifying employees up to 12 weeks unpaid leave without threat of job loss.