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Members, wedding industry welcome change to Church sealing policy

Church members who wish to more fully involve their loved ones in their weddings are rejoicing about the change — as are Utah wedding vendors who also predict to benefit. 

Billboard advertising date with LDS millionaire draws attention online

Utah billboards advertising an "LDS millionaire looking for his wife” are gaining national attention. The billboards say there will be an "exclusive VIP event" on June 7 and refer to a website that answers common questions about the event and offers an application to any women interested in getting the chance to meet the LDS millionaire, whose identity remains unknown.

Young widow finds hope, healing after husband’s death

Justin Hanks died when his twin sons were just three months old, leaving his wife, Jennifer, to raise them as a single mom and young widow. Despite the difficulties of life without Justin, Jennifer has found hope and purpose through her family.
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Church leaders emphasize basic principles in General Conference

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints returned to the basics of the gospel, announced eight new temples and counseled members on the implementation of home-centered gospel learning in the Church's 189th Annual General Conference.

Concert showcases BYU-China collaboration

BYU Orchestras Director Kory Katseanas stood at the front of the practice room before the BYU Chamber Orchestra's "Sky Mountain Light World" concert Friday, March 22.

‘Sky Mountain Light World’ concert bringing Chinese musicians to BYU

Lan Weiwei's path to becoming a professional musician began with a broken leg.