Danny Burnham

Studies show religion impacts obesity, health

A familiar scene to American religious worshipers is a large church gathering with happy parishioners socializing, chasing children and almost undoubtedly eating copious amounts of food from a well-laden potluck table. Multiple studies now suggest that this focus on food is having a negative impact on the waistlines of religious people across the U.S.
Dani Jardine

Church schools, LDS-owned buildings differ on selling caffeine

Editor's note: A previous version of this story misidentified Eric Casperson, and Eric and Katelyn Casperson believe they were misquoted. The article has been...

Gluten-free sacrament meetings provide new options for members

Hundreds of students prepare for sacrament meetings each Sunday. But for some members, that preparation requires an extra step. Bread is the very thing those with gluten...

Local food truck announces plans to open Provo storefront

Utah food truck Jurassic Tacos announced they will be opening a new storefront in Provo in early 2020.
Ty Mullen

How BYU meal plans compare to other Utah universities

When it came to the end of Payson Ashmead’s first semester at BYU before his mission, he found that he — like many other...

Provo restaurant scene requires secret recipe for success

The restaurant scene in Utah is thriving, and new restaurants must find a way to carve out their portion of the market. Finding the best location to build a restaurant is crucial to a new venture’s success. While Provo’s student and family based market works for some, it’s not the best fit for every type of restaurant.