Restaurants struggle with food donation laws

According to Sarah Bateman, Natural Resources Stewardship Committee Chair, City of Orem, the underlying problem of food waste from restaurants is not that no one wants to donate. It is the confusion around the donation process.
Ari Davis

Experts say superfoods may be a super scam

A growing number of foods labeled "superfoods" are said to fight cancer and aging. However, there is little quantifiable evidence that supports these claims, leaving consumers wondering if they are truly getting super health benefits or just paying for overpriced food.

Making extreme bank with extreme couponing

Allie Erler stands in the grocery store, a binder full of coupons in her hands. The customers in the long line behind her begin to...
Brent Hofacker

How many calories are in a Mormon Thanksgiving dinner?

We all love Grandma's traditional pumpkin pie recipe, but how much will it cost you in calories?

BYU Creamery has rich flavors, history

The Creamery on Ninth East has been a part of life at Brigham Young University for decades. Here's an inside look into the history...

Brooker’s Ice Cream grand opening a sweet revolution

Brooker's Ice Cream founder and creator Brian Brooker hosted a sweet revolution for early American history and ice cream on Dec. 1 at the Brooker's Founding Flavors Ice Cream grand opening in Vineyard, UT.