High-end suit designer reflects on journey to success

Combine the timeless style of Motown groups like The Temptations and timely modern fashion, and you’ve got Kenneth Boggs: a well-dressed gentleman who’s made a living creating quality custom suits.

Kanye West to visit Trump, discuss prison reform, violence

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rapper Kanye West has been invited to the White House. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says West is scheduled to...

BYU grads help families struggling with infertility

Two BYU grads, Makayla and Braden Andrus, start their company Declan Roe with the objective to help families that struggle with infertility be able to afford IVF, adoption, and/or surrogacy.

Underneath the crown: breaking beauty pageant stereotypes, empowering women

A young woman’s year full of training and boots-on-the-ground service will be capped with a crown June 15 at the annual Miss Utah Pageant. Every year each city sends its title holder to compete in the pageant, a week-long process where the girls surrender their phones and go head-to-head in a different event each night. The winner will go on to compete in Miss America Sept. 9, and the rest of the girls will head home.
Camille Baker

Alumnae represent BYU in Sego Awards

Emily Smith and Whitney Royal were selected as finalists for the Sego Awards. The awards were announced May 11, 2018, with Emily Smith taking second place in the Student Founder category for her company Mentionables.
Dani Jardine

BYU alumna, former model finds happiness in business, writing

Rosie Card's unhappiness with the modeling industry led her to pursue an education at BYU in broadcast journalism, and eventually start her company Q Noor, which creates LDS temple dresses.