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Opening ceremony kick-starts homecoming festivities

Lights flooded the stage. Cheers and whistles echoed throughout the Marriott Center. The loud tap and boom of silver gleaming drums reverberated through the chests of thousands as the blue and white clad BYU marching band heralded in homecoming week during the opening ceremony on Oct. 15.

BYU fosters pickleball growth

The USA Pickleball Association featured BYU in its official magazine for being one of the first colleges to offer pickleball as an accredited course.

International journalists and researchers discuss challenges of religious reporting

A panel comprised of international journalists and a religion researcher, led a discussion Wednesday, Oct. 9 about the difficulties religions face with their portrayal in the media.

Young performing missionaries to hold informative fireside for those wanting to...

Young performing missionaries sing about the restoration and its importance. (Young Performing Missionary). Young performing missionaries volunteer to...

Church leaders, cast and crew express excitement for upcoming Book of...

Crew working on the Book of Mormon video series have nearly completed three seasons of the show after three years of planning, casting, writing and filming. The first episode will be released Friday, Sept. 20, after which episodes will be released weekly.

Tips and tricks for keeping a mission language fluent

Language loss, or language attrition, begins almost as soon as missionaries leave their mission and return to an English-speaking environment. While keeping up a second language isn't easy, it's definitely possible.