Education Week: Brad Wilcox discusses the role of Church members in...

BYU religion professor Brad Wilcox spoke in an Education Week session on Thursday about the role members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints play in the gathering of Israel.

Education Week: Teaching self-discipline and internal motivation

Writer and professional counselor Kevin Hinckley spoke about the difference between internal and external control and how this affects children's upbringing at BYU Education...
Dani Jardine

Education Week: In-person interaction important to relationships

What we see on computer screens is no substitute for the real thing, according to a BYU Education Week presentation by Stephen K. Hunsaker. Hunsaker, an...
Michael Dwyer

Education Week: How political free speech influences the LDS Church

Mormons are uniquely positioned to foster discussions about religious freedom despite facing hostility from both sides of the political spectrum, said BYU political science associate professor Quin Monson during his Aug. 22 Education Week address.

Education Week: Managing stress through biofeedback

Managing stress can be as easy as counting to five, according to a BYU Education Week presentation by psychology professor Patrick R. Steffen. Steffen spoke...

Education Week: Artwork influences how members learn the gospel

LDS artwork can effect the way people learn about the gospel and to avoid misconceptions, people need to develop visual literacy, according to BYU church history assistant professor Anthony Sweat. In a Education Week class on Monday, Sweat, who is also an artist himself, talked about how famous paintings teach people in a way they don't even notice.