Conference on pornography sparks conversation

BYU Women's Services and Resources hold its annual conference on pornography, giving audience members tools to improve sexual health.
Elliott Miller

College of Life Sciences to host event for women

BYU College of Life Sciences is holding its second annual She is a Scientist workshop and dinner on Feb. 5.

BYU Dean of Students Office to start discussion series on careers...

The BYU Dean of Students Office is holding a discussion series to answer questions about student affairs as a career on Thursday, Nov. 21 at 11 a.m.

Former BYU anthropology professor announces revolutionary Mayan discoveries

Historians and anthropologists always considered the Mayan civilization to be relatively small and peaceful. However, with the help of modern technology, scientists have found evidence in Guatemala that the Mayan civilization was 40 times larger than previously believed.

Humanitarian worker fights for women’s education

Karak Miakol fought much of her life against cultural expectations placed on her as a woman in Sudan. She now works to bring awareness to issues like women's education and invites others to join the cause.

HFAC display invited BYU community to reflect on their environmental footprint

Environmental stewardship is a hot topic that is being discussed on various stages. Public protests have taken place across the nation, a U.N. conference addressing the matter was held and initiatives set by the Provo community in favor of public transportation have been put in place to minimize environmental impact.