Studies show bipartisanship increases government action

Political polarization is becoming a defining feature of today's America, according to reports by Pew Research Center. This trend often causes issues because legislation requires bipartisan support to pass.

How to respectfully disagree

BYU persuasive writing professor Erin Blackmun teaches her students that sharing their opinions with each other is an opportunity to be enlightened. Blackmun, along with former vice president of the BYU Speech and Debate Club Benjamin Braden and Better Angels coordinator Erika Munson, shared ideas on how to respectfully disagree with someone, whether with a friend or foe. 
Savannah Hopkinson

BYU Career Services shares tips and tricks for writing a resume

Writing resumes can be tricky, especially for college students who may not yet have much work experience, but BYU offers resources and personalized help for students seeking jobs.
Jessica Wanlass

Dean Keoni Kauwe encourages graduate students to find community in their...

Students flocked to the New Graduate Dinner seeking guidance in their educational path, as well as the promise of free food...

New graduate student fair provides opportunities to succeed

The Graduate Student Society aims to get new students involved in the social environment at BYU and also teaches and uplift...

BYU Education Week comes to campus

This year's BYU Education Week comes to campus August 19-23 and features 240 presenters and over 1,000 classes. For 97 years, Education Week has inspired eager learners with enriching classes and presentations.