Utah’s Land Use Task Force focuses on inclusionary zoning and affordable housing

The Land Use Task Force gave an update yesterday to the Utah Political Subdivisions Interim Committee regarding three main issues: one, inclusionary zoning; two, the nexus between housing and economic development; and three, moderate income housing plans.

Utah companies rethink paid paternity leave

In the absence of paternity leave laws, Utahns are subject to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act which affords qualifying employees up to 12 weeks unpaid leave without threat of job loss.

Utah lawmakers and counterparts in other states seek to balance transparency and power during COVID-19

Each state's contrasting decisions regarding legislative action during COVID-19 highlights the power of the legislature in each state. Their actions also acknowledge the existence of a more fundamental question about the balancing of power between the state legislature and the governor during a state of emergency.

Utah Legislature approves ‘right to try’ COVID-19 experimental drugs

Lawmakers passed measures Friday to help those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and last month's 5.7 earthquake during day two of the Utah Legislature's historic virtual session.

Legislative special session targets governor’s powers during state emergency

Two new bills presented in the online Special Legislative Session would require the governor to converse with the legislative branch as well as a newly created Public Health and Economic Emergency Commission.

First day of historic Utah special session attempts to balance COVID-19 impact

The Legislature of the state of Utah thanked healthcare workers throughout the world for their personal sacrifices and efforts to combat and respond to the “unprecedented challenges facing the state and the world as a result of the spread of COVID-19.”

Utah lawmakers begin virtual sessions in wake of COVID-19 pandemic

For the first time in Utah history, lawmakers will be convening while sitting at home during a historic all-virtual special session.

Lawmakers wrap up with abortion, redistricting and education funding changes

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Legislature has wrapped up its work for the year, capping off a session that saw a revision of...

Legislature approves pilot program to allow infants at work

A bill proposed in the Utah Legislature would set up the Infant at Work Pilot Program for eligible employees of the Department of Health.

Utah legislature cracks down on teen vaping

A slew of bills flooded the Utah legislature during the 2020 session in an attempt to combat underage smoking.As a result, schools now...