Rick Bowmer

A bill proposed in the Utah Legislative Session addresses abuse, neglect, or dependency of a child. Last Tuesday, the bill was brought before the House Judiciary Committee to amend a section regarding the termination of parental rights.

The Utah House has passed a bill that would keep parents with outstanding child support payments from obtaining a fishing or hunting license. HB197 would keep government workers from handing out any type of tag, permit or license related to fishing or hiking if the person has not paid their child support. The state would […]

A bill proposed in the Utah Legislature would create a human trafficking education program and require sexually oriented business employees to participate in the program.

HB64 amends provisions related to custody and visitation rights of an individual other than a parent. This bill, sponsored by Rep. Kyle R. Andersen, R-Weber, addresses the Utah Supreme Court’s decision in Jones v. Jones by amending the factors that a court considers in granting visitation rights to grandparents.