Excited students gathered in the Marriott Center this morning for the Nov. 12 devotional. Some students chattered throughout the crowd as they waited for the event to start, and others fixated on a series of inspirational videos presented by BYU’s Department of Dance.

The Presiding Bishopric has many responsibilities within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including humanitarian work, temple design and construction, financial investments, and church publications. These oversight responsibilities help individuals — and the church — prepare spiritually for the future, according to Bishop W. Christopher Waddell, who spoke Nov. 5 at the devotional in the Marriott Center.

Sunday School General President Mark L. Pace talked about the idea of faith preceding miracles and explained five important patterns of faith for BYU students to follow during his devotional address Tuesday.

It’s homecoming week at BYU, and events throughout the week are planned to help students and alumni celebrate their school spirit.