BYU math education professor Amy Tanner spoke to students about “the gift of uncertainty” during a devotional on Tuesday, July 9. 

BYU released the 2019-20 Forum schedule with the theme, “The Pursuit of Democratic Character.” While past Forum topics have varied by speaker, this is the first time the Forum addresses will focus on a specific theme.

BYU English professor Chris Crowe spoke to students about navigating “undiscover’d country” at a devotional on Tuesday, July 2.  Crowe opened his address by quoting a line from one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, “Hamlet,” during which Hamlet refers to death as “The undiscover’d country from whose bourn/No traveller returns.” Crowe then said ‘undiscover’d country’ […]

A BYU associate professor of microbiology reflected on her studies as she spoke to students and faculty at a devotional on Tuesday, May 21.