Lan Weiwei’s path to becoming a professional musician began with a broken leg.

BYU offers an undergraduate catalog of 181 majors and 107 minors, which equates to over 280 different programs of study. According to their enrollment website, BYU also offers students “a world-class education within a spiritual environment.” Transfer students apply each year to take advantage of these opportunities.

BYU Police Chief Chris Autry’s office windowsill is covered in coins. Not monetary coins; rather, they’re “challenge coins,” which Autry said agencies such as police departs and military units exchange as signs of appreciation and respect. However, Autry likely wasn’t planning on one particular challenge when he became BYU’s new police chief in January: a Feb. 20 letter […]

Elder Randall K. Bennett, a General Authority Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, gave a BYU devotional address March 19 on divine inspiration, mortal challenges and the resulting blessings from unwavering faith.