The BYU campus has changed drastically due to the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country and the world. Find out how the campus is functioning, what’s open, what’s closed and what’s new. Today’s campus updates: Dispute Resolution Processes for COVID-19 Housing Disputes According to the BYU website, “BYU student tenants and BYU landlords can begin […]

BYU’s decision to stop selling Barq’s root beer after it became caffeinated, eventually led to a non-caffeinated formula being sold throughout Utah, including on the BYU campus.

cThough caffeine on campus was exciting when it was brand new, caffeinated drinks are the norm at BYU now. Are BYU students still excited to sit down with a Dr Pepper? Or do they yearn to “Choose the Sprite?”

For a small community in Utah, 1920s–40s swing dancing is still alive and kicking, but recent challenges threaten to close down the tradition.