BYU Fraud An individual reported identity theft after learning of unknown accounts being open in the individual’s name. Theft An individual reported a bicycle secured with a cable lock taken from the bike racks. PROVO Theft A male suspect stole an American flag from the porch of a house in the residential neighborhood around 1400 […]

A Third District Court judge ruled in favor of the media Friday in a dispute between The Salt Lake Tribune and BYU’s University Police surrounding the Joseph Bishop sexual assault case, according to KUTV. Joseph Bishop is a former MTC President accused of raping a sister missionary 34 years ago. When The Salt Lake Tribune […]

The Harold B. Lee Library is undergoing construction and changes this Summer in order to better meet students’ needs and continue to provide a conducive environment for academic success.

BYU continues to distance itself from the old ban on caffeine with the introduction of Coca-Cola Freestyle machines on campus. The recently installed Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in the Cougareat offer a larger variety of drink options, including more caffeinated sodas, and revolutionize the way consumers customize their soda through technology. “This is the highest tech […]