How to avoid lines at the Testing Center

During midterms and finals, the testing center can get pretty crazy. Sometimes the line can even make it all the way to the Eyring Science Center. And in the pouring rain or snow, who wants to stand in a long line? I’ve been there and it’s miserable. Do yourself a favor and avoid standing in […]

How to update your BYU health insurance information

We all know how hard it is to get everything organized with so many tasks begging for your attention. Even the most important of tasks can be forgotten. But don’t let that be the case with updating your BYU health insurance information. Make sure you update this every year in BYU’s system to avoid any […]

How to plan better dates

Sometimes it’s just hard to come up with fun date ideas that don’t break the bank. Lucky for you, TWO magazine has hundreds of date ideas that you can use to impress your date. Not only are they fun, but they are all reasonably priced. Your bank account can thank us later. Check out the […]

How to Rent Equipment from the Library for Free

Who knew the library had so many cool resources? In this hack, I reveal some of my favorite items available in the library. However, these are only a few out of the options. Click here to see all the different items available to BYU students for no cost. #BYUHacks is an augmented reality feature in […]

How to use the Map My Classes feature

Are you new to BYU? Lost on campus? Feel like a fool on the first day trying to find your classes? Or maybe you’re an overachiever who wants to prepare for the first day so that the latter two descriptions don’t come true. Either way, this hack is for you. I will show you a […]