Police Beat: June 19-28



An officer responded to Heritage Halls regarding the occupants of a silver passenger car throwing water balloons. The officer contacted the complainant, who said they saw the vehicle exiting Heritage Halls onto 900 East. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

An officer responded to the area of Heritage Halls on a report of a white vehicle driving around honking their horn and yelling. The officer located a white Jeep in the area and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The occupants advised that they never honked the horn but did yell at some kids who threw water balloons at them. The officer continued checking the area and could not locate any other suspicious vehicles.


An officer responded to Wymount Terrace on a suspicious complaint. The complainant stated the same motorcyclist had shown up between 8:30 and 9 p.m. the last two days. The complainant advised that the motorcycle stopped in the middle of the parking lot and that they did not see any criminal activity. The officer told the complainant that they would respond to the area the following day and see if the subject on the motorcycle returned.

A complainant received information that an individual had entered a dorm room and was heard to have “jokingly” said they were going to have one of the juvenile attendees of the music camp leave with them. It was found later that the individual was most likely a cousin and that they had left the building momentarily but came right back. The parties were not identified, and though it may have been a prank, the individual is not allowed in the dorms and will need to be contacted when their information is obtained. The people who can identify the individual involved were all asleep, so this information was gathered and will be referred to the day shift for follow-up.

Officers were dispatched to the University Parkway Center for a report of an individual making a custodian feel uncomfortable. Officers arrived and spoke with all involved parties. Officers determined that a crime had not been committed. The individual is not associated with BYU and was using a room to work on writing music. They were advised that they would have to leave the room if someone reserved it in the future. The custodian felt uncomfortable with the individual’s presence but was not able to pinpoint anything specific they had done to cause this feeling. Officers spoke with the building care manager, who stated they would ensure the comfort of their employees.

Welfare check

An officer was dispatched to West Campus for a welfare check. The officer made contact with the complainant and then spoke to the father of the child. There was no further concern after speaking to the child’s father. The officer cleared and no further action was taken.

An officer responded to the Wilkinson Student Center for some concerning statements made during FSY introductions by one of the participants. The officer contacted the guardian who advised that the participant was on the spectrum and gave permission for the officer to talk to the participant. After speaking with the participant and the guardian, the officer did not observe anything of concern and the FSY leaders agreed to help support the student.

An officer responded to a welfare check that a professor requested for a student. The officer contacted the student’s parent, who advised that the student was fine and had been out of the country.

Citizen contact

The caller believed someone had hit her vehicle while parked in Lot 4 and left without reporting it. The officer gathered the information and reviewed the security cameras. The security camera confirmed that no other vehicle caused the damage while the owner was on campus. The officer notified the owner and closed the report.

Officers responded to the Creamery on Ninth to a report of a citizen needing assistance. Officers made contact with the subject who believed their phone had fallen into a storm drain. The subject said they were using the “Find My Phone” app, which showed the storm drain as their phone’s location. The officers used a net and attempted to get the phone out of the drain but were unable to locate it. The officers contacted the subject later in the evening and discovered they had located their phone in another area of the parking lot.

BYU police handled a third-party report of a possible sexual assault that had occurred on campus. After speaking with the female minor involved and her parents, it was discovered the minor was pinned between two males while participating in a mosh pit during an FSY dance. The female advised a sexual assault had not occurred. It was determined that no crime had occurred.

An officer responded to take a report on a possible stolen golf cart. While searching the campus, the officer located the golf cart driven by a BYU employee. The officer stopped the golf cart, and the employee stated they had received permission and a key from the assistant dean. There was nothing suspicious about the encounter.


A BYU officer and EMS responded to the WSC on a report of an individual who dropped a bowling ball on his head. Provo Fire also responded and assessed the patient. They determined he was not injured to the point of being transported. Provo Fire cleared and the BYU officer and EMS escorted the patient to the bus stop to go home.

BYU police responded to the Joseph Smith Building for a medical call. A juvenile had passed out while at FSY. An officer responded along with Provo Fire and EMS. The patient was evaluated by Provo EMS and after checking with their parents, the patient was cleared to return to FSY.

BYU EMS was dispatched to a student with a bloody nose. EMS responded and tended to the patient. No BYU police officers responded to the area. No police action was taken.

An officer was dispatched to the Eyring Science Center for a report of an individual who fainted. They were reportedly conscious, but not breathing normally. Provo Fire responded and evaluated the patient. They did not want to go to the ER by ambulance. The patient’s bishop stated they would transport them to the ER. The patient agreed.

An officer responded to the WSC on a medical report involving an FSY participant. The patient reported a headache and was cleared by BYU EMS. The patient did not want to be transported to the hospital and returned to their dorm to rest.

An officer and Provo EMS responded to Cougar Field on a report of a 14-year-old feeling numbness in their leg. EMS determined that the patient’s leg fell asleep while sitting, causing numbness. EMS advised the patient to walk around to get the circulation going in their leg. The patient was on campus for FSY and remained with the staff.

An officer responded to the Music Building for a report of someone with leg pain. BYU EMS also responded and treated the patient, who was not medically transported.

Officers responded to Heritage Halls for a medical report involving an FSY student. Provo Fire also responded, checked the student and contacted their parent. Provo medics transported the student by ambulance to Utah Valley Hospital.

An officer responded to Heritage Halls Building 13 for a report of an individual who had lost consciousness. The complainant was able to wake the patient and stated they were now conscious and breathing. The officer arrived with Provo Fire, who evaluated the patient. Provo Fire also reached out to the patient’s parent. EMS and the parents decided that the patient did not need to be transported for medical reasons and that it would help to eat and drink more. EMS released the patient to the FSY counselors.


Officers responded to Haws Field for a report from a BYU Grounds employee of a group of people trying to play soccer. Officers checked the field but found it empty with the gate closed. The officer did find a group playing soccer on the Richards Building Field. The officer checked with the players and found that none were affiliated with BYU and were unauthorized to be there. The officer explained to the players that all the BYU fields were closed to unauthorized play and the group agreed to leave. The officers closed and locked the gates for the night.

Officers were dispatched to the Clyde Building for a report of a transient individual possibly sleeping in the building. Officers were initially unable to locate the individual. Harold B. Lee Library security later advised officers that the individual was seen walking south from the library towards the Life Sciences Building. Officers contacted the individual and served them with BYU ban paperwork for a permanent ban. The individual took the ban paperwork and stated that they understood it and how to appeal it. Officers escorted the individual off campus.

Sex offense

An officer responded to the WSC to speak with an FSY coordinator and a 15-year-old FSY attendee. The attendee stated they were staying in a Heritage Halls dorm and on June 18 they were using one of the bathrooms in the apartment when a 17-year-old attending FSY unlocked the bathroom door and pushed the door open. In addition, the FSY attendee said on June 19, the 17-year-old pushed them in a closet in their apartment and closed the door on them. The FSY attendee also stated that the 17-year-old slapped them on the bottom with an open hand but said they did not remember when this happened. The parents of the 15-year-old and the on-duty sergeant were contacted and informed of this information. They stated they wanted the 17-year-old charged with sexual and bullying offenses. The on-call detective was notified. The case has been forwarded to the Investigations Division for further investigation.


An officer was dispatched to phone contact with an individual who wanted to report the theft of their bicycle. The officer made phone contact with the complainant who reported that their black trek bicycle had been stolen sometime between June 16 after 7 p.m. and June 19 at 9 p.m. The officer documented the incident and provided a case number to the complainant.

An officer responded to the Riviera Apartments for a possible theft. A complainant called BYU Police and stated the lock had been cut from their trailer, but they found nothing missing inside. The officer checked with other construction workers in the area and nobody else’s trailers had been broken into or tampered with. No camera footage was taken of the incident.


A BYU police officer was dispatched to a delayed assault that occurred at Cougar Field. The officer spoke with the parties involved, most of whom were juveniles, regarding the incident. Witnesses gave similar stories and stated that a simple game of tag escalated and turned violent when a juvenile male punched a juvenile female. After interviewing witnesses and the victim, it was determined that enough evidence was present to make an arrest or file charges. The officer spoke with the victim and the victim’s parents who declined to press charges against the juvenile male.

Animal problem

BYU officers were dispatched to the Maeser Hill trail for two running dogs. Two officers responded and were able to locate and contain the dogs. The dogs did not have collars or identification tags, so officers could not find any owners. The dogs were transported to the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter.

An officer responded to the report of a dog left in a vehicle in Lot 34. Officers found that the dog was not in distress and the owner had left all the windows down with the car parked in the shade. The owner came out as the officer was arriving.

Found property

An officer was on foot at the Y Trail when they found a yellow belt pack with a vehicle key inside. Shortly after, an adult walking from the parking lot toward the top of the Y asked the officer if they had seen a yellow belt pack with a key inside. The items were returned to the adult inquiring without further incident.

A police officer was assigned to a delayed bike theft report. The bike was reported to have been last seen in April. Upon calling the reporting party, the officer was informed that the bike had been located at Heritage Halls Building 6 and that the reporting party no longer needed further assistance. No further actions have been taken.

An officer responded by meeting with a complainant to take possession of a cell phone they had found in the JSB. The complainant called a number on the phone and discovered it belonged to an FSY participant. The officer told the owner they could retrieve it from the police in the morning.


A BYU Police officer responded to an issue between three juveniles who were staying on campus as part of the FSY program. Two juvenile males sent inappropriate texts to a female participant. The texts were inappropriate but did not amount to a criminal offense. The officer discussed this matter with both of the juvenile males. All parents were notified of the situation.

Traffic accident

An officer took a delayed report over the phone for a minor accident in Lot 4 involving two BYU vehicles. The complainant said they had backed into a BYU golf cart on June 20.

An officer responded to a report of a delayed traffic accident in Lot 26. The officer found that the accident occurred on June 16 at approximately 4:20 p.m. The complainant said they backed into a vehicle when leaving the parking lot. The complainant advised that the other car was not damaged due to its large steel bumper. The officer was unable to determine who owned the victim’s vehicle. The officer provided a case number to the complainant.

Warrant service

Officers were dispatched to the area of Canyon Road and Cougar Boulevard for a report of a transient individual sleeping behind the BYU sign. Officers made contact with the individual and learned that they had a warrant out of Georgia. Officers confirmed the warrant with the originating agency and placed the individual under arrest. Officers transported them to the Utah County Jail and booked them on the warrant. The individual’s property was booked into BYU Evidence for safekeeping.

Unknown problem

An officer responded to the Information Technology Building on a medical report. BYU and Provo Fire responded. The patient was transported to Utah Valley Hospital by ambulance.

Sick person

An officer was dispatched to the Tennis Courts Building for a report of a sports camp participant who had fainted. The officer arrived with BYU EMS and Provo Fire. Medics evaluated the patient and spoke with their parents. The patient was released back to the sports camp.

CO alarm

There was CO detected by the fire department possibly due to an air conditioning unit that was not ventilated. The housing on-call responded to take care of the problem.

Officers responded to a CO alarm at Wymount Terrace for an air conditioning unit that was running in the apartment which was not ventilated properly.

Criminal mischief

Someone wrote on a rock with a marker which was observed by dispatch. The officer identified the person and had them clean the marker off the rock. No charges were filed.

Agency assist

Officers responded to an agency assist with Provo Police Department on a dispute regarding a truck that was property involved in a divorce. The ex-husband had a court order for the ex-wife to return the truck that she had had for a year.

Fire smell

Officers responded to the smell of gas in Wyview Park. Provo Fire responded but did not detect any gas. The housing on-call responded to assess the problem.

Paper service

A ban letter was served to a subject. The ban was read to them word for word and a copy of the ban letter was emailed to them.


An officer checked the license plate of a vehicle as it was driving by and found there was a warrant attached to the registered owner. The officer observed the windshield of the vehicle was cracked and the driver was not wearing their seatbelt. The officer stopped the vehicle and confirmed the driver had a warrant for their arrest and a denied license. The driver stated there were THC edibles in the vehicle. The officer found the THC and a grinder in the vehicle. The driver performed field sobriety tests, which indicated that the driver was not too impaired to drive. The officer placed the driver under arrest and booked them on their warrants and drug/traffic charges.

Extra patrol

A complainant reported that four individuals tried to enter a dorm at Heritage Hall and then left the area in a truck. The report was delayed, and the complainant did not want contact. Officers checked the area, but the truck was gone.

Juvenile problem

An officer responded to the WSC to meet with FSY staff and an FSY student who is a minor. The student had an altercation with their roommate earlier that day, and one of the students had a tobacco vape pen. FSY staff located the vape pen before the officers arrived and turned it over to the officer. The officer spoke with the student about a potential citation for possessing the tobacco vape pen as a minor. FSY had already contacted the student’s parents, who were on their way. The officer took photos of the vape pen and disposed of it. FSY will be completing a report and forward a copy to the officer.

Public peace

An officer was dispatched to the LaVell Edwards Stadium after two complaints reported loud music. The officer found that a photoshoot for new football players was taking place in the stadium. The officer contacted the employees controlling the music and asked if they would reduce the volume. Shortly after the request, the event finished and the staff turned off the music.

Property damage

An officer contacted a reporting party by phone who stated they found paint damage to their vehicle when they returned home that day. The reporting party said they were in multiple locations throughout the day and believed the damage occurred in Lot 37, west of the Student Athlete Building, or while parked at Helaman Halls near Canyon Road and 1430 North. The officer reviewed camera footage from the SAB, but the reporting party’s vehicle was not in view of the camera. The officer also found footage of the vehicle parked at Helaman Halls, which showed hundreds of kids attending camps walking directly past the complainant’s vehicle. Due to the camera’s distance from Helaman Halls, it cannot be determined if the damage happened in that lot. The officer requested vehicle information and pictures of the damage.

An officer responded to the Ironton Storage Building on a report of a traffic accident. The officer took pictures of the damage and added them to the case. The officer gathered information to complete the report and ensured the necessary information was provided to both the driver and the owner of the parked vehicle.

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