Moon’s Rare Books showcases rare items


Moon’s Rare Books, located at The Shops at Riverwoods, is home to hundreds of books and rare items.

Store owner and treasure hunter Reid Moon travels the globe, collecting items to showcase in his store located at The Shops at Riverwoods in Provo. 

“Every year I travel 100,000 miles plus,” Moon said, “which is equal to three or four times around the world.”

Moon’s method to find such rare and amazing items is traveling to the source, he said.

Doing so, he has found things such as the second folio of Shakespeare, signed “Lord of the Rings,” the Bible King James owned and copies of the Book of Mormon that belonged to prophets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

“I tell people, name any person, place, event, anything that’s happened in the history of the world within the past 500 years, we have something that ties to it in this back room,” Moon said. 

Moon’s collection ventures beyond rare books. The store is also home to many rare items such as movie props from “The Hunger Games,” “Harry Potter,” “Narnia” and more. 

The store presents Abraham Lincoln’s sword, Queen Victoria’s nightgown and many more items that transport visitors through history. 

Assistant manager Beverly Dickson said one of her favorite items in the store is Jane Austen’s candlestick holder.

“When I see that, it reminds me what it was like to try and write in the days of no electricity. The same could be true of Dickens’ desk in this room next door, just a candlestick holder,” Dickson said.

The book store has millions of followers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Moon makes videos about all of the fascinating books and items inside his store. Though visitors can learn a lot from the videos, it is still an incredible experience to see the store in person. 

“Even if you proclaim, which we hear all the time, ‘I don’t like history’, oh, but you will,” Dickson said. “The more you know, the more you wanna know and love, and this store literally brings it to life, because there’s history from the floor you’re standing on to the art up above.” 

Visitors can look through the store’s rare items for free but can contact the store to receive private showings of Moons’ permanent collections. All proceeds from private showings are donated to Generations Humanitarian. 

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