PRKR: Two brothers and a dream


Everyone wonders if they can turn their dreams into a reality.

Two brothers at BYU aren’t just dreaming about it, they’re doing it. Parker and Taylor Green are making their music dreams come true. 

Parker and Taylor Green are making their music dreams come true. The two brothers write and produce music together. (@parker_green_ via Instagram)

From a small trailer recording studio to their first concert, these brothers have been hard at work to inspire others through music.

A dream that started with a certain ginger’s concert.

“What just completely encapsulated me was it was just him a guitar and a loop pedal on stage, and he somehow captivated an entire stadium of people for two whole hours,” Parker said as he talked about an Ed Sheeran concert he attended with his father and sister.

Parker has been writing music for a while now but the first song he published was a song titled “Ukulele.” Parker wrote “Ukulele” while serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Parker was given the surprise opportunity to record “Ukulele” when he was forced to come home for a few months during his mission because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

His brother Taylor, who was also home from his own mission, and their mom surprised Parker with his very first recording session in a cheap trailer recording booth.

Ever since then, Parker has continued to write and record music. 

Parker wanted to purchase some of his own music equipment but knew it would be expensive so he went to his brother Taylor, and his wallet, for help.

Before Taylor became financially invested he wanted to know what was in it for him, so Parker officially asked his brother to join in on his music journey and PRKR was formed. 

The brothers expressed they are best friends and very much enjoy working together to write music. 

Taylor said when they worked together “it created something that was better than the sum of the parts.”

Taylor’s main role in PRKR is songwriter and keyboard player, while Parker takes on other roles.

“I do take on a lot of the technical side, in terms of producing and mixing and stuff like that,” Parker said.

Their most recent song “Alive” has a special place in their hearts because it was written for their sister’s wedding and played for her first dance.

To follow along on their journey, those who are interested can follow Parker and Taylor on social media @prkr._music and listen to their songs on all streaming platforms.

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