Ally Condie launches new book in Provo


You may have heard of the New York Times Best Seller “Matched.” Its romance and suspense took the young adult genre by storm in 2010. Fourteen years later, its author Ally Condie visited the Provo City Library, promoting her first adult mystery novel: “The Unwedding.”

“‘The Unwedding’ is Condie’s first adult book. Most of the books that she’s published before have been middle grade or a young adult audience. It’s kind of exciting to see Ally break out into this new genre,” Erika Hill, Provo City Library Communications Manager, said.

While Ally Condie has succeeded in writing suspenseful stories, “The Unwedding” is her first attempt at writing a murder mystery.

“I wanted to write a murder mystery for a long time. I used to be, and I still am, a big Agatha Christie fan,” Condie said.

Condie’s genre break out is already a fan favorite. It’s even caught the eye of A-list celebrity, Reese Witherspoon.

“You can tell because they printed the label on here, that Reese had chosen it for her book club. It is kind of a trip to see Reese holding your book,” Condie said.

This high profile endorsement is the June spotlight for Reese’s Book Club, celebrating Condie’s venture with mature storylines.

“To have something like this happen kind of later in your career, or I hope in the middle of my career, just felt like a gift,” Condie said.

Despite her writing’s increasing popularity, Condie’s literary charm remains constant throughout each of her narratives.

“Whether you loved ‘Matched’ or ‘Summer Lost’, you can always tell that she connects with her characters, and that’s just something that I love about her writing,” Hill shared.

“The Unwedding” is flying off the shelves of many bookstores and is available in various online formats. For more information, you can visit

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