Police Beat: May 23-30



A complainant called about an individual making them uncomfortable at Brigham Square. An officer responded to the area and did not find anyone fitting the description from the complainant.

There was a report of a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot at Wyview Park. The complainant said it sounded like it came from the central building. Those in the central building were questioned, but nobody inside the building heard the sound. The area was given extra patrol.

An officer was dispatched to Wymount Terrace on a possible domestic violence incident. A complainant said they heard an argument and a slap through their open bedroom window. Officers attempted to contact multiple occupants of surrounding apartments, but were unable to find more information about the incident. Officers left the scene after nothing was found.

There was a report of a fire near the Y Trail. Hikers on the trail said they saw an older World War II plane fly overhead and leave behind a trail of smoke. The smoke was gone by the time officers and Provo Fire showed up.

A anonymous person reported hearing someone scream for help between the NCAA track and Taylor Hall at Helaman Halls. The officers checked the area and found no problems.

There was a delayed report of an individual riding a bike around Cougar Field taking pictures and videos of the FSY counselors. The complainant was informed about photography and videography laws. They were also informed that officers would be in the area the following week for FSY and would conduct extra patrols of the area.

There was a delayed report from an FSY counselor explaining that multiple women complained about a man that was taking videos of the FSY groups. Officers were unable to locate the individual in the area. Officers advised the complainant to call sooner in the future.

Officers called an FSY leader about a suspicious circumstance. The leader said they were at Heritage Halls and a group of four young men ran off towards Helaman Halls. Officers advised the leader to call the police about any non-participant issues.


There was a report of a disorderly individual at the Richards Building. When officers arrived the individual had already left the area. Officers located the individual and learned they are autistic and were having a distressful episode.


Officers and Provo paramedics responded to the Culinary Support Center on a medical call. The patient was treated and released on the scene.

A BYU officer responded to the B66 Building to assist Provo Fire with a patient. The patient declined assistance and was not transported.

Fire alarm

An officer responded to Wymount Terrace Building 2C on a report that a fire alarm was accidentally activated. The officer shut down the alarm after dispatch advised there was no smoke or fire.

Accident hit and run

An officer called a complainant about a possible hit and run accident in Lot 20. The complainant says they left their car at about 11:30 a.m. and returned at about 2 p.m. to find a note regarding the damage. The officer is currently gathering evidence to find a suspect.

A complainant found damage to their car while they were parked at BYU and believed someone hit it. No suspect has been found.


An individual in the Marriott Center approached an officer about their parent who was experiencing a medical condition. They found a resting spot for the parent. BYU EMS checked and released the patient after a resting period.

BYU and Provo EMS responded to an individual who fainted and regained consciousness at the Y trailhead. They transported the patient down the mountain. The patient refused further medical assistance.


Building security reported an individual that was using a metal detector on campus and digging up the lawn. The individual had previously been told to stop. The individual was informed they must stop or they would be considered trespassing. The individual left with no incident.

There was a report of three teenagers climbing on the roof of the restrooms at the Y Trailhead. The teens informed the officers that they climbed up to get a better view of the valley. The officers warned the teenagers of trespassing and then let them go.

Officers were dispatched to the BYU Broadcast Building on a report of a possible trespasser. Officers arrived as the suspect was leaving. The suspect said they came for a production, but the producers asked them to leave. The producers said they wanted the individual to leave because they were making multiple people feel uncomfortable. The individual left with no issues.


An officer stopped a vehicle for a cracked windshield and found the driver had a denied license. The driver was also showing multiple signs of impairment. The driver did field sobriety tests that indicated they were too impaired to drive. They were taken to the Utah County Jail and tested positive for methadone, THC, and benzodiazepines. The vehicle was impounded and the case was turned over to the Provo City Attorney’s office.


An officer was advised of a hit on the LPR system for a vehicle connected with a missing juvenile. Officers checked security cameras and found footage of the vehicle heading north on Canyon Road before officers arrived. Neither the vehicle or juvenile have been located.

Found property

An officer picked up a lost wallet from the Smith Fieldhouse. The officer attempted to contact the owner of the cards, but received no response. At the end of their shift, the officer took the lost items to the Wilkinson Student Center Lost and Found.

A building care supervisor found a lost silver and black Apple Watch while cleaning the indoor practice field. The officer could not get into the watch to contact the owner. The officer took photos of the watch and turned it into the Wilkinson Student Center Lost and Found.

Flood alarm

Officers responded to a flood alarm at the Life Sciences Building. They found a water pipe had burst in the fourth floor utility room and was flooding the elevator and utility room shafts, floors and ceilings between floors one and four. An officer shut off the water to minimize flooding and called the LSB building coordinator and the on-call facilities and risk management personnel to take care of the issue.

Lost property

There was a delayed report of lost debit and credit cards. The person was unsure where they lost them after spending time in multiple locations.

Weapons offense

There was reports of an individual threatening people with a knife on a bus. Officers took the individual into custody. The individual spit on the officer, at which point a spit hood was put on them. Officers watched the individual and gathered information until they could be transported to the Utah County Jail and booked on felony charges.

Welfare check

Officers responded to the Riviera volleyball courts on a report of individuals watching the FSY youth play volleyball from inside their Ford truck. When the officers arrived the youth had left and the individuals from the truck were playing volleyball. They stated they were waiting for the youth to leave. No further action was taken.

Officers escorted an individual that was experiencing homelessness and mental illness off campus.

There was an SOS activated through Life360 from Brigham Square. Officers called the individual who activated the alarm. The individual said they accidentally pressed the button and did not need officer assistance.


There was a report of a missing scooter between two sheds across from the Talmage Building. The complainant said they left the scooter at 12:45 p.m. and when they returned later that day it was gone.

There was a theft reported from the Cougar Tech store inside the Wilkinson Student Center. Two products were deemed stolen, a pair of Beats Studio Buds and an Apple Air Tag. The boxes for the items were found empty. It is unknown when they were stolen.

Animal problem

There was a complaint of a rattlesnake at the Y trail. When the officer arrived the called the complainant who said the snake was no longer visible from the trail. The complainant was advised of snake safety guidelines. No further action was taken.

Property damage

An officer responded to Lot 27 about a minor accident. Neither party could see any damage, but wanted to get the case documented. The officer could not see any damage besides a possible small dent in the bumper. The officer provide the case number to both parties.

There was a report of property damage at the Life Sciences Building tunnel entrance. The officer arrived and found painted footprints all over the floor and the walls of the tunnel. The officer documented the scene.

Accident — personal injury

BYU Police, BYU EMS, and Provo Fire responded to an accident in Lot 16 between a vehicle and a pedestrian. The pedestrian received minor injuries to their left torso, arm and leg. They treated the patient who was able to walk without assistance. Police documented the incident and then transported the individual to the Richards Building for their class.

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