Utah movie theater hosts special guests, revives movie classics


What may seem like a regular movie theater in American Fork has quite a few surprises behind its doors.

“We show old fun movies. Come see something you know you’re going to love,” Joseph Governale, Maven Cinemas co-owner, said.

Joseph and Dvorah Governale co-own Maven Cinemas, a repertory movie theater that treats every showing as a special event, particularly when they have important guests hosting their films.

“It’s a chance for us to show old movies that they love, and a chance for them to share some of their favorite movies with some of their fans. So it’s kind of the perfect relationship for us,” Joseph Governale said.

YouTubers Jonathan Decker and Alan Seawright run the YouTube channel Cinema Therapy with more than a million subscribers. They hosted a special event at Maven Cinemas to share one of their favorite films.

“‘Speed Racer’ is one of my all time favorite movies; it’s in my top five. It would be like a desert island movie, and I had never seen it on the big screen before,” Seawright shared.

Fans excitedly filed into the theater to not only watch “Speed Racer,” but also to hear Decker and Seawright share their insights from the movie.

“I just think ‘Speed Racer’ is one of those films that people grow an appreciation for as the years pass by. Because, one, it’s ahead of its time, and two, we hadn’t really hadn’t really seen anything like this,” Decker said.

Their analyses quickly developed into sporadic pop culture references throughout the night.

“Did you know that when Aragorn kicks the helmet,” Seawright said, sharing a joke from one of his favorite films, “”The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.”

It wouldn’t be the full Cinema Therapy experience without a bit of advice for the audience to take to heart.

“Dad advice and/or relationship advice, Alan?” Decker said, handing the microphone to Seawright. “Don’t become a dad if you’re not in a relationship,” Seawright replied.

Maven Cinemas finished off the night thanking Cinema Therapy for supporting its dream to share movie magic.

Audiences can book their own tickets for Maven Cinemas’ future film showings on their website, www.mavencinemas.com.

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