Ten outdoor study spots on BYU campus


During BYU’s spring and summer terms, the campus atmosphere becomes more relaxed. As the weather warms and flowers bloom, students near campus can explore new places to study and hang out with friends.

1. The duck pond

Located on the south side of campus, the duck pond is famous for its tall trees, tranquil pond and many ducks. It offers space for picnics with friends, reading in the shade and chasing ducks during study breaks.

2. Outside the Wilkinson Student Center

Students seeking a convenient outdoor spot can find numerous benches and tables around the Wilkinson Student Center. These spots offer easy access to Jamba Juice and the Cougareat.

3. Heritage Halls
The small grassy hills surrounding the dorms, offer an great spot for relaxation. Students can stop by the volleyball and basketball courts for some quick pickup games before returning to their homework.

4. The south campus stream and trail

Easily accessible through the stairs near the BYU duck pond, the south cobblestone walkway offers a scenic route that is great for studying. The nearby stream provides soothing water sounds and students can find covered table areas all along the trail for a comfortable study spot.

5. The hill outside the Benson Building

The grassy hill outside the Benson Building provides a great place to do homework, meet up with friends and enjoy the warm weather. The surrounding trees offer a mix of shade and sun.

6. The Life Science Building rooftop patios
The LSB rooftop patios are a little-known secret found on the south side of the building’s fourth and fifth floors. These lookouts offer students a view of Provo, along with benches and umbrellas to stay cool under the hot summer sun.

7. The Eyring Science Center’s construction zone

Experience the ESC construction zone, where students can encounter some of the most vibrant construction sounds on campus. Stand by the nearby sidewalks or dirt areas to immerse yourself in the bustling activity of the lab addition being built. Perhaps the energy of the work being done will inspire your own productivity.

8. The Museum of Arts statue garden

Out the back doors of the MOA, an enclosed statue garden offers shade, benches and beautiful statues.

9. The waterfall walkways

Need the peaceful sounds of white noise or meditation music to get work done? Stop by the picnic tables around the Life Sciences Building. With five waterfalls, benches and beautiful grassy areas, the soothing water sounds can help students focus or provide a perfect setting for a refreshing afternoon nap.

10. The Joseph F. Smith Building courtyard

Featuring a unique rock formation waterfall, Roman-inspired arches and natural lighting, this courtyard is a great spot to read and take notes. There is plenty of seating at umbrella-covered tables or on benches around the yard.

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