Eye on the Y: BYU graduate students speed-present research, BYU Young Company revamps Shakespeare, BYU bowling hosts March Madness Bowling Tournament


BYU graduate students speed-present research

Participants face the audience in the 2024 Three Minute Thesis competition. At the competition, BYU graduate students presented the research they conducted. (Image courtesy of BYU Graduate Studies)

BYU graduate students participated in the 2024 Three Minute Thesis competition on Thursday, March 21. The competition originated at the University of Queensland in 2008 and has continued to spread to campuses worldwide. 

As the name suggests, graduate students who compete present their research in three minutes or less. Each department held its individual competition and sent its first place winner to the university-wide competition. Cash prizes were awarded to competitors. More information regarding the competition and its rules can be found here

First place winner Jared Steele from the College of Life Sciences took home $2,000 for his presentation, titled, “Leveraging SuperShoe Technology for Clinical Care.” Steele’s study addressed how SuperShoes can decrease the metabolic cost of those who begin walking again after operation or illness.

Second place winner Luke Taylor from the College of Engineering won $1,500 for his research: “Improving Medical Capsule Location.” Khiara Cardoza from the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences won third place and received $1,000 for her presentation on “Exploring Gender Differences in Infertility.”

BYU Young Company revamps Shakespeare

BYU’s Young Company members Gracie Cutler, Michael Combs and Paige Fowler in “The Tempest.” The company reimagined the famous Shakespeare play for younger audiences. (Photo via BYU Photo/College of Fine Arts and Communications)

The Department of Theatre and Media Arts’ Young Company has taken the early 1600s Shakespeare classic, “The Tempest,” and reimagined it to appeal to younger audiences. The show will be performed in the West Campus Studio Theatre from April 3-5 and April 9-13.

The Young Company’s performance will tell the story of a betrayed wizard king and his daughter in a contemporary beach-crossroads setting with a variety of familiar characters.

Show director and BYU professor Teresa Dayley Love said the audience will be engaged and asked to participate, including making the sounds and motions of waves, wind, thunder and lightning. Because audience participation will be a vital component of the show, each performance will offer a slightly different storytelling experience.

The show will be free to attend. American Sign Language interpretation is available on April 11.

BYU bowling hosts March Madness Bowling Tournament

BYU bowling’s March Madness Bowling Tournament winners, Walker Thompson, Parker Walters and Grant Nielson. The tournament consisted of 32 participants competing in a single elimination bracket form. (Photo via @byubowling on Instagram)

On March 23, the BYU Bowling and Games Center was heated with competition — BYU bowling’s third Annual March Madness Bowling Tournament was dubbed a success.

The tournament was open to all who wanted to participate, big-time-bowlers or not. The 32 players warmed up before the tournament at the open lanes and the competition commenced in single elimination bracket form. After being knocked out of the competition, participants were given the opportunity to continue bowling for the remaining time. 

First place winner Walker Thompson scored 235 points and won a Nike basketball signed by the entire BYU men’s basketball team. Parker Walters and Grant Nielson won second and third place respectively.

If you missed the tournament, the BYU Bowling and Games Center is open throughout the week for students, faculty and the public. 

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