BYU Gymnastics: A Look into Senior Night

Hit. Stick. Land. For years, these BYU gymnasts have dedicated all their time and energy to doing these three things. They have overcome injury, experienced fear, felt immense joy, and have seen success. However, seven gymnasts will hit, stick, and land for the last time in the Marriott Center Friday at 7 p.m. against Ohio State.

This senior class is comprised of four-year seniors as well as super seniors due to COVID. Throughout these years they have grown not only in skill but in confidence. 

“Over time, I’ve seen them grow in confidence. They go out and compete like it’s not really that big of a deal anymore, which has been really fun to see,” said associate head coach Natalie Broeckman. 

“I think all of us at seniors kind of came from a place of uncertainty as freshmen. We didn’t come in completing a lot. Now, all of us seniors have spots in the lineups and multiple lineups,” said super senior Elease Rollins. 

Don’t let their tiny physiques fool you, these gymnasts are athletes. For this upcoming meet, every senior will start in the lineup against Ohio State. 

“We’re going to see all of them compete,” said Broeckman. 

Competing at the Marriott Center started last year in preparation for the new competition scene in the Big 12. 

“It’ll be a little bit sad [competing for the last time at the Marriott Center]. We’ve been [competing] there all season, and it’s been a wonderful environment. The ROC has been amazing, and it’s been really cool seeing everybody come and support us,” said bars specialist Anna Bramblett. 

Aside from learning new skills and routines, these gymnasts learned lifelong lessons that they will take with them forever. 

“Since being on the team, it has helped me that have a better grasp and understanding of how I can better show the Christlike side of things,” said Sydney Benson. “Here at BYU, you’re not only representing yourself, but you’re also representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” 

These seniors have impacted the culture of the team and have led the underclassmen by their examples. 

“I think one of the best characteristics of this senior class is that they really have created a culture of just loving each other,” said Broeckman. 

The program acquired a talented freshman class consisting of nine athletes. 

“With the arrival of a big freshman class, it would be really easy for everyone who was returning to feel like maybe their spots were in danger and to get competitive with each other. The senior class really exemplifies just this love, love for each other and support for each other,” said Broeckman. 

Throughout Rollins’ career, the media nicknamed her “The Beam Queen.” Freshman, Brinley Anderson, also competes in beam. At the start of every meet, while the gymnasts run out in the tunnel, Elease runs next to Brinley and mimes taking off the invisible crown and placing it on Anderson’s head. 

“I guess they just like they’ve kind of called me the beam queen throughout my time here, and I just know that she’s also beam queen! She’s amazing and just so good and I’m excited to see all that she can do,” said Rollins.

“It’s been a really special year for them just to be together and love each other and watch these seniors kind of show the younger classmen, the ropes,” said Broeckman. “It’s really tender to say goodbye to them, but just wish them all the best and they are going to be successful. I have no doubt.”

These seniors will metaphorically pass on the crown to the underclassmen, leaving a legacy of love. Everyone will remember this class as a class full of leaders and hard workers. From starting their college careers with hardly being in the lineups to having every senior competing in an event shows their tenacity, mentality, and perseverance. 

These queens are beasts and they’ll have the chance to perform one final time at the Marriott Center.

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