BYU International Cinema screens international films each week


BYU International Cinema offers the community the chance to explore the world without leaving their seats by watching films produced from all corners of the globe.

International Cinema is sponsored by the College Of Humanities and shows about three films each week in a variety of languages.

International Cinema offers free weekly screenings for anyone to attend. Additionally, BYU students can register for the International Cinema class or minor to really deepen their understanding.

“A quote I that I love from the critic Roger Ebert is that, ‘film is an empathy generating machine,’ and that’s what we’ve found with our students, especially those who take the course,” Co-Director of International Cinema Marc Olivier said.

Directors said they see International Cinema as more than just a place to catch a movie. It’s a portal to experiencing the world in a new way, they said.

“Those films can be very challenging,” Marie-Laure Oscarson, assistant director of International Cinema, said. “Having someone who’s seen it to discuss it after I think is priceless.”

International Cinema also hosts a series of guest lectures featuring experts in various areas of the film people view that week.

“There’s somebody on campus that can talk really intelligently about the context of these films, not just as films but also about the things they’re portraying,” Co-Director of International Cinema Brad Barber said.

International Cinema screens films based on specific themes each semester. At least half feature women directors.

“If you’re a lover of the world, you want to expand your mind and your hearts, IC is for you,” Oscarson said.

More about International Cinema can be found on the BYU International Cinema Instagram, on this semester’s posters, and on their website.

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