Local yoga studio offers free classes to promote mental, physical wellness during cold months

People come to Provo to participate in an indoor yoga class at Yoga Underground. A free yoga class is offered weekly at the studio. (Photo Courtesy of Yoga Underground)

Brittany Andrews is one of many Provo residents trying to stay active through the winter months.

Andrews, the owner and founder of The Yoga Underground, said staying physically and mentally fit is important all year round.

“Most of us are just kind of thrown around by our thoughts and emotions, and learning the ability to choose what you focus on, I mean I wish I knew that in college. It is like, enormously helpful,” she said.

Yoga and meditation provide a solution for managing mental stress, while also providing an intense work out, Andrews said.

“It’s harder than people think. I think a lot of people, especially guys tend to think that it’s like easy for girls — which is hilarious,” Andrews said.

There are many benefits of yoga for BYU students, according to Rebecca Corrigan, a student currently taking a yoga class at BYU.

“I think it’s a super nice way to break up your day and have something to do that can help you unwind and destress,” she said.

Kierra Brynn, another BYU student, said she has been doing yoga for years. It’s something she will continue do because the benefits are endless and it helps her feel capable, empowered and strong, she said.

“My spirit feels light. I think that yoga is a really good mental health outlet,” Brynn said.

Andrews said she recognizes maintaining physical health can be a financial burden and has provided a solution through her studio. She started a community class for anyone to attend for free, no matter their skill level.

“It’s always free and we offer it to give people the chance, that maybe can’t afford a membership, just to come on a regular basis and still get the benefits,” Andrews said.

The Yoga Underground was started by Andrews 14 years ago to help people find a place to feel included. When she came to Provo, Andrews said she wasn’t used to the culture here and had a hard time finding her place.

“I wanted to have a place where people who feel like they don’t fit in, can fit in,” she said.

Finding a community and staying active is important for busy students so they can manage their stress, Andrews said.

“It’s like so hard … when you’re so busy and there’s so many things to do, to see the value in taking time specifically for stress management. But I’ve learned the more that I do, that I’m overall so much more productive because I feel better,” she said.

There are free community classes at Yoga Underground in Provo every Monday at 8 a.m, Andrew said.

BYU students can attend free fitness classes on campus through the YFitness program.

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