BYUSA hosts Winter Welcome in celebration of new semester

Students filled the Wilinson Student Center ballroom for a neon dance. Glow sticks and balloons were provided. (Chloe Peterson)

Hundreds of students celebrated the new semester at the Winter Welcome event hosted by the BYU Student Service Association on Friday, Jan. 19.

The event was held in the Wilkinson Student Center Ballroom and Garden Court where various activities were offered including board games, karaoke, water color, a dating contest and a neon dance. 

“BYUSA has really helped me integrate into BYU to be able to experience campus life,” Steven Wills, a freshman at BYU studying exercise science, said. “It’s just been an amazing experience. I’ve had so much fun and been able to learn valuable skills.” 

Wills was the student volunteer in charge of planning and running the event.

Several students participated in a speed dating competition. BYUSA put on their Winter Welcome event Friday, Jan. 19. (Chloe Peterson)

“I think it’s really important to get the students to come out and get involved with each other and meet people,” Rebekah Thorpe, a freshman studying neuroscience, said. “I actually have fun volunteering and I’ve made so many friends doing it.”

One of the most popular events of the night was the dating contest in the Garden Court.

Students played multiple rounds, and the winning pairs of students won a date sponsored by the BYUSA.

Caitlyn Weiberd, a junior studying public health, and Tage Burnett, a junior studying mechanical engineering were the first winners of the night. 

“Totally unexpected, I did not know what I was walking into when I walked into the room,” Weiberd said.

The event provided a space for students to meet new people, have fun with friends and unwind after the stresses of beginning a new semester.

“Everyone here has been so nice and welcoming,” Chloe Andersen, a pre-business freshman said. “BYUSA is amazing, they’re so fun and all the events are here just for the students to interact and just have fun with each other.”

Students interested in future BYUSA events can find more information here.


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