BYU Adaptive Show Choir builds connection through song and dance


At the conclusion of each semester, a crowd leaves the Smith Fieldhouse filled with love and happiness following the BYU Adaptive Show Choir concert, consisting of solo and group performances.

“It brings me so much joy to see such pure and happy souls get to dance, and sing, and uplift one another,” BYU volunteer Gillian Carter said.

BYU Adaptive Show Choir is a Y-Serve program where student volunteers partner with disabled members of the community to learn choreography for various dance numbers. For new members of the program, partnerships are formed at the beginning of the semester while other long-term program partnerships have extended to over a year.

One-hour rehearsals are held every Tuesday evening. The majority of the show choir learns and practices unified choreography but some partners have the opportunity to adapt the dance moves to better accommodate their partner.

Over the course of just one semester, partnerships grow to become deep friendships with both parties learning and growing from the other. Hannah Hilton, the aid and partner of a disabled performer, emphasized the increase of patience and charity that she has seen throughout the experience.

The BYU Adaptive Show Choir will begin rehearsals for their next concert at the start of Winter Semester 2024.

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